Well, readers, get cozy because I have a feeling this is going to be a long one.  

As you know, I have been busy and away from blogging for a bit…more like a month.  I promise to keep you up to date from now on. but with so many projects going on and the fundraiser creeping up on us slowly, it surely has been a bit hectic.  

Speaking of the fundraiser, I have a few things that I would love to discuss with you.  Just like the summer fundraiser, I am in charge of reaching out to organizations and businesses about donating items towards our fundraiser.  Let me just say that I am super excited about this one because we have some pretty amazing items.  

People requested that we have more packages that created memories and experiences.  I could not have agreed more with this.  I work for an organization that creates memories and experiences each day with all the guests that walk through the door.  Thus, I have put together some amazing packages for our guests to bid on.  I don’t usually toot my own horn, but I am pretty impressed.  

But readers, I need your help in reaching a goal.  Just like last fundraiser, I created challenges for myself.  This fundraiser I would like to have 50 items by Friday, November 17th.  Yes, I said 50 items people.  I am currently at 37 which seems so close, but I want to go above and beyond yet again.  

My challenge to you is to reach out to me at kiarak.tlcintern@gmail.com and ask me what items I am still seeking.  I know this is a lot to ask, but all donations are tax deductible.  Besides that thought, think about the fact that your donation will not just touch the lives of people that are coming to this event, but people far beyond that.  We rely on these donations to help us with the fundraiser auctions.  

Please spread the word because my voice can only go so far.  I appreciate you reading this and passing the word.  It truly touches my heart each time an organization or business donates an item.

Okay, so maybe, it wasn’t a long one, but it was truly important for me to get this message out there.  I hope you all enjoy the rest of your week and hey, the first snowfall hit Lincoln today.  I truly love the first snow fall because it truly feels like I am in a snowglobe and time just stops.  

Well readers, that is all for now! Continue to read the blogs and follow us on social media!


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