Proposals. They are kind of a big deal. They are the start of a new chapter. It may be a short chapter, but it is an important chapter. A chapter where you are transitioning from single life to spending the rest of your life with your soul mate. Very much a big deal.

A couple weekends ago, I got to be a part of that special moment. When Andrew approached me towards the end of his internship back in July and asked about proposing to his then girlfriend, Emily here, I was excited and honored that he wanted to do it here. We get to see many relationships here at The Leadership Center, but for one of our staff members to want to get engaged here is really special! Fast forward, a few months and we are to the day of the engagement. Mind you, it was incredibly difficult to keep this secret, but we did our very best to divert her whenever we saw Emily.

When we met with Andrew he shared with us the vision that Emily had for her engagement and he allowed Maile and me and to create that vision. Emily is a fan of The Bachelor and being a fan myself, I knew exactly what kind of setup we needed, so I did my best to recreate a “One on One” that they would not be able to forget and a rose that couldn’t be turned down! The room was set in candlelight; they had a dinner for two with water and sparkling cider next to a fire and watched a sweet tribute to their relationship, which Andrew created. Andrew wanted to propose out on the island by the cross we created a candlelit path full of rose pedals leading towards Andrew. It was a Bachelor fan’s dream! All of the setups turned out absolutely beautiful! And of course, she said yes!

A couple of things I want to touch on, Andrew I am so impressed with how much time you took to plan this proposal, create your special video and the effort you put in to coordinate everything. You did an amazing job! Thank you for allowing Maile and I to be a part of this very special moment in your life. It was magical watching you propose to Emily; seeing the love and happiness there. I wish you and Emily much happiness and many blessings for your future!!


A note from the boss: Andrew put so much thought into his proposal to Emily. I was so impressed. Emily, he made an appointment with Micheala and me at the end of July to discuss details. He met with us another four times to finalize details. Our entire staff was excited and honored to be a part of “Project Get Stolpe Engaged.” Whether it was Derrick mowing the island, Dario moving the picnic tables or John donning his antique bowler hat and silk bow tie to serve your meal, we were all so excited for you two. Congratulations on your engagement. Thank you for allowing us to help facilitate this special day for you. We wish you an amazing journey and life together!


P.S. Check out more pictures below!


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