As we wrap up 2017, a number of team members take a moment to reflect on all the great things that took place this year. They also share what they are looking forward to in the upcoming year. We hope you enjoy their insight, thoughts and perspective.

Dario, Facilities Manager: This year I became the Facilities Manager which was an opportunity I took by the horns. I set out to master it.  I have worked everywhere  within the facility and on the property. I have also got to manage a great team of employees. Seriously, if we could have students and people like them each year on our team, it would be awesome. What makes them so great is that most of them are in the band, work really hard and really want to care for our guests and that is just awesome.  It’s just been a great year.

2018: I am looking forward to all the great clients and working with our team because I really like them.

Andrew, Summer Intern & Conference Assistant: I think the highlight of my year was taking the task of the treeline and not really knowing anything about it. I got it nearly completed and am pretty confident it will be done early 2018. My other highlight was getting engaged to my love, Emily Michelle. She’s a pretty sweet lady and I love her a lot. So I mention this, because I had the opportunity to be the first to work with Micheala and Maile to make my engagement pretty epic. They took care of all the details beyond the ring and getting Emily on property. (P.S. They are really good at what they do. If you are looking to make your engagement special, give them a call!) (P.P.S. I did drop the ring, I was nervous. I totally recovered and folks, she said yes!) (P.P.P.S. Bigfoot is real.)

2018: I am looking forward to painting the entire building while I am here. Okay, painting what I can before I head back to classes at Wesleyan. 

Kurt, Conference & Curriculum Manager: My highlight was the events of the Bonnavilla Christmas Party. It was pretty amazing. Oh, and the Lithuanian Torte. It is so good. Life changing. I am really enjoying how every day is different too.

2018: I am pro-2018. I am looking forward to it.  My plan is to make today better than yesterday and tomorrow better than today. Whoa! I just made my new years resolution.

Jane, Conference Assistant: Getting hired full time to be with a great team on a daily basis as we serve our guests with TLC.

2018: I am looking forward to more groups we serve as the team continues with their fun and positive attitudes.

Darcy, Chef: As the year comes to an end, I have a lot to be thankful for in both my personal and professional life. My wife and I continue to grow our relationship, and as you know, relationships aren’t always easy to navigate sometimes, but with love and determination we get through the tough times. Professionally, I think my decisions and goals have started to improve vastly. I refer to my recent decision to come to The Leadership Center. This group of people here have improved my faith in how strangers, until recently, can come together for one common goal to influence so many peoples lives for the greater, and enjoy doing it.

2018: Continue to cultivate my relationships with my co-workers as well as our clients. Building a successful catering program going forward with TLC. This includes an increase in events which results in an opportunity to add and mentor more staff/young adults.

Paola, Facilities Assistant: I loved getting ready for the Autumn Art Workshop. We did so much in such a little time and our team really did great. I also liked working at the Spooktacular 5k Dash & Bash. Cheering people on and also seeing the kids dressed up was really fun.

2018: I look forward to working more with our team and contributing to The Leadership Center. I also am looking forward to learning more skills.

Donnie, Kitchen Assistant: Earlier this year, I got to help make Mickey Mouse shaped pizzas for a Make A Wish party. The little girl was getting her wish to go to Disney World. It was pretty cool and she was so sweet. I also really liked our staff Thankgiving Dinner. We all came together to share a meal and some time together. It was fun.

2018: I am looking forward to the finishing of the kitchen remodel. It’s going to be so cool. 

Chaz, TLC Elf and Little Helper: I love when the Boy Scout Troop #49 comes. They let me be a part of their event and it is really fun. My other favorite groups are the Artist who will be here really soon and the Autumn Art Workshop. Maggie, Judy and Steph teach me about art and painting and I really love them.

2018: I can’t wait for the artists to get here in February. 

Micheala, Admin & Event Coordinator: My highlight was the Total Eclipse…of the heart and sun. Having Itahi & Shawn get married on the day of the eclipse and being a part of their wedding was really special, as all weddings are. To witness their wedding and then getting to experience the total solar eclipse was amazing. Getting to enjoy it with my fellow teammates, the guests of the wedding and all the guests on property for the eclipse was an unforgettable experience. It left me speechless. SPEECHLESS. I get goosebumps just thinking about it. And to see how excited Dan Glomski, Edgerton Mad Scientist & Eclipse Evangelist, got as the crowd cheered on this rare natural phenomenon. Amazing. Just amazing.

2018: I am really looking forward to another busy year. I am especially looking forward to seeing my dream of full wedding coordination come to fruition. 2018 is going to be great.

Maile, Executive Director: It is hard to narrow down just one highlight from 2017. It was an epic year. While we faced some pretty big challenges such as unexpected weather, helping staff though the loss of loved ones and some pretty big changes in our team, we also honed our skills as the Hospitalityc Authority. In my bio for the US Chamber’s Winter Institute Adviser page, I say I am pretty sure I have the best job in the world because I work with an incredible team and we love what we do. To narrow down my list of highlights, I will give you my top 3:

  1. We have added a lot of new things such as off-site catering, full wedding coordination, a new website and such. We also became the home of Camp Summergold and the Autumn Art Workshop. It’s great to add these two and many more to our growing list of amazing clients.
  2. TLC has expanded our educational offerings, especially our Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities (D4LC) Conference. This started out as a passion project of mine. But after we were issued a challenge, my whole team got on board with developing curriculum, facilitating and really making D4LC a reality.
  3. I am overwhelmed by the philanthropy we have experienced this year. Our supporters have truly humbled us with their gifts in abundance.

2018: We turn 50. Yes, FIFTY! Can you believe it? I cannot wait to celebrate this landmark and to unroll all of our plans. It’s going to be epic. I promise.

We have no shortage of highlights to share and celebrate this year. When you think about how the dream that became a reality a little shy of 50 years ago has now grown to impact guests from every county in Nebraska, every state in the great country and 29 other countries, we are honored to be a part of this story. The Leadership Center story. Thank you to all of you who have helped us this year and along the way. We invite you to make our 50th beyond amazing.

Happy holidays and thank you!

The Leadership Center Team

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