We are often asked who owns The Leadership Center or who are board members found, etc. In an effort to better share our story and have all our guests and supporters know our board members, we are taking up some blog space to introduce the fine agricultural educators and business people that make up the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation (NVAF.)

The NVAF is a board of directors made up of 10 Nebraska Agricultural Education teachers and 5 Nebraska business people in the areas of banking, law, accounting, as well as a business person from Lincoln and one from Omaha. While our board of directors are quite active with all the happenings of The Leadership Center, they are often behind the scenes and people don’t know them beyond name. In our “Meet the Board” blog series, we ask each of our board members a few questions. Without further adieu, please meet our next board member.

Name: Kylie Penke

Job & Location: Science and Agriculture Teacher at Oakland-Craig Schools

NVAF Board Position and how long have you served on the board? I am the District 3,4,7 representative. This is my first year as a member of the board.

Favorite thing about TLC: Some of the best memories of my youth took place at The Leadership Center during PEAK and COLT.  I am so grateful for the personal growth I experienced, and the friends I made who still impact my life today!

Why do you like serving on the board or what you are looking forward to doing while serving on the board?  I believe in the experience that FFA members and other guests encounter at TLC, and I look forward to supporting and promoting in any way that I can!

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