Internships. They are a wonderful way to gain experience not just in what you hope to pursue for the rest of your life, but in other fields that will expand the skills you bring to your chosen field. I myself have had several different internships. They all were in the event industry, but in different sectors of events. I interned with the Nebraska Athletic Department in Event Management where I got to work behind many of the sporting events that took place at the University of Nebraska. I also interned for a caterer where I learned the ins and outs of catering. Finally, I interned here at The Leadership Center after I graduated college. My internship here is where I learned the most about events, but I have been able to bring things that I learned in past internships to this job which has been incredibly helpful.


I am now in charge of the interns here at The Leadership Center. I work to create an environment where my interns have the freedom to create aspects of what they work on here, but have the opportunity to finetune skills they never knew they had. One thing I let my interns do is pick a special project that they get to work on while they are here, it can be anything, but it must be approved by me. I have had several interns and all of them have been different. This last year, Andrew was our grounds keeping intern, his major project was project tree line. He worked hard on tearing out trees and researching what trees were based to replace those trees. He did pretty much all of the work on his own. When he started he didn’t know anything about trees and didn’t have much experience with chainsaws or that type of equipment. By the end of the summer he was proficient in that area. He also had the opportunity to learn about the business of The Leadership Center and work on events which he again knew nothing about. At the end of the summer he had a new respect for event planning.


When Kiara came in as an intern, she knew she wanted to pursue a career in the event planning industry and specifically in the non-profit world. While she worked on events and learned about the background of events, her major project was working on fundraising which she didn’t have much experience with. Her and Andrew worked on acquiring auction items for our summer fundraiser, but Kiara was the one that took charge of that task. She worked hard researching different items and reaching out to different businesses near and far. She was able to secure quite a few items that we were able to auction off at our fundraiser. She worked hard to even secure items for our fall fundraiser and the summer fundraiser in 2018. By the end of the summer she was proficient in fundraising. She had also learned our business, but she finetuned skills she didn’t know she had.

We are once again looking for summer interns. Interning at The Leadership Center is a unique experience. One that I think my past interns can tell you, is one unlike any other. You have many opporunities to grow and learn here. You don’t have to be interested in the event industry, I have had interns who were interested in education, physical therapy and accounting. Interning here, allows you to gain experience in the different departments we have, plus the financial part of a business. You learn about events, but you learn about the importance of departments working together, communication and attention to details, among many other things.

If you are interested in applying for our internship, please contact Micheala. You can call her at (402) 694-3934 or you can email her at

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you have imagined.” -Henry David Thoreau

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