We are excited to be participating in Go Big Give again this year. This annual day of giving has helped us raise thousands of dollars over the past four years to put towards some much needed projects such as:

  • Refinishing headboards in Keiwit Lodge
  • Adding USB plug-ins in the lodge rooms
  • Replacing the windows in the upstairs gym and conference room
  • Security cameras around the property
  • New computers and software for some of the staff
  • Family game boxes, lawn games and other recreation

2018 marks our 50th year of service to FFA chapters and members, youth, families, churches, organizations and businesses from every county in Nebraska, every state in the wonderful U.S.A. and as of today, 29 other countries just this year. Can you believe that? To our best estimations, we’ve had the pleasure of creating moments that matter for over a million people since our doors opened in 1968. 

As we post blogs from our dear friends and supporters sharing their stories of years gone by and make plans to commemorate this golden milestone, we are also looking to the future. The future is a bright one. Not only do we plan to keep serving all of our wonderful clients ranging from the FFA members, our school and university clients, organizations, businesses, all the families who’ve become a part of our TLC family while hosting all kinds of celebrations and reunions with us, we’re expanding what we are offering in all areas including:

  • D4LC (Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities)– this TLC created and facilitated leadership conference for all ages is expanding beyond a couple of onsite conferences a year to in-school and offsite training, mentoring programs, certificate programs and more.
  • Full wedding and event coordination for events here at The Leadership Center and also off grounds.
  • Full service catering within 60 miles of The Leadership Center. We can serve your meal in your business, church, event site or home. We can also prepare your meals, refreshments and even desserts for you to pick up and serve at your event, holiday meal and everything in between.
  • A Hospitalityc Podcast that features stories of how our staff is helping to create moments that matter for our guests by putting the “T.L.C.” in hospitality, tips for planning events and insight from our team.

We have a huge goal this year. We want to raise at least $50,000.00 during our Go Big Give Campaign. See, I told you it was big. It’s so big, I am almost nervous to put it out there, but there it is. We want to raise $50,000.00. We can’t do it on our own. We need you. Would you consider donating to The Leadership Center and the work we do here on May 3rd? By donating on May 3rd at www.GoBigGive.org you not only help our cause but you qualify us for matching funds and incentives which just grows your gift and our impact even more.

Here is what $50,000 can do for us at The Leadership Center:

  • Aid in the development of D4LC curriculum and potential scholarships.
  • Allow to refurbish furniture and areas that need it without us having to raise our prices. We’ve worked hard to maintain and care for furniture in our lodge rooms and meeting spaces, but with age and use comes wear and tear. Replacing lodge room furniture such as chairs, desks, mattresses and frames especially in Kiewit Lodge is soon becoming a necessity.
  • Continue the upkeep and beautification of our 43 acre property. We have numerous trees that need replanting, grass that needs reseeding and care.
  • Add potential recreational opportunities such as Frisbee golf, a playground for our little guests and more bonfire pits for our guests to enjoy.
  • Replacing chairs and tables throughout the facility. Much like the lodge rooms and even more so in some cases, our chairs and tables are used daily which means lots of wear and tear. Our staff fully understands their responsibility to care for all of our property and they have worked really hard to care for all we have. With that said, there is need to replace several of our padded chairs and banquet tables.

Should you like to discuss a possible donation or visit us before you invest, please do not hesitate to contact us at 402-694-3934 or click here to email Maile. We would be happy to chat with you.

Thank you in advance for your consideration and donation.


Maile Ilac Boeder, IOM & Tom Hofmann

Executive Director                    NVAF Board President

Save the Date: Make plans to join us May 3, 2018 on this day of giving. Our goal this year is $50,000.00 to commemorate our 50th Anniversary of serving the great state of Nebraska and beyond. For more information, visit www.gobiggive.org.

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