The crew is back together this week with some morsels of goodness that is The Hospitalityc Authority Podcast. In Episode 1, we discuss our favorite foods served right here at The Leadership Center, Maile get’s ridiculously excited about Carhenge…still and Kurt goes nuts about the proper way to eat a muffin. Dario teaches a little history about sharing muffins and Micheala, well, she gets to the heart of it all by changing the topic to cupcakes. Yep it’s all in here along with some other juicy nuggets.


PS In true TLC form, Kurt creates a new word “muffiffy”. It means to make various flavors into muffins…?


*Kurt references the following blog @ 4:00, “Trying New Things”, click here to read.

*To see Carhenge in all its magnificent glory, get in your car and head to Alliance, NE or click here.

*We apologize, we mention Original Dorothy Lynch Dressing (12:00), the brand we serve is not original and includes peanut oil. Big lesson here is read labels.

*Video referred to (16:41) various times throughout to is “Muffins” posted by Liam Kyle Sullivan on Feb. 5, 2007. Check it out here.

*Dario & Kurt refer to Seinfeld’s amazing “The Muffin Tops” Episode (17:41), check out a clip here.

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