This episode brings back the full crew: Kurt, Dario, Micheala and Maile. It’s been awhile. With all the conversational antics, a great many topics arise including the great debate between pterodactyl or pterosaur, Maile’s need to name everything, all while Kurt peppers the entire episode with his numerous accents. The Canadian Geese come back up again too. To the heart of what we do here, Dario discusses all he and his crew do to prep for spring and summer. We talk about some of the neat recreational opportunities we offer including paddle boats, kayaks and canoes. Oh and we learn about Vicky the Vulture (which we later learned was a manky muscovy duck- thank you, John.) Throughout it all, Micheala keeps us on task. It’s another great episode and when you are done, you’ll have laughed and learned a few things. Those of you interested in Project Treeline, please click on this link. Thanks for listening and as always, we create moments that matter. We look forward to doing that for you.

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