In today’s episode, we are excited because we have ambiance. We lit a Magnolia Home candle in the scent of “LOVE” which we purchased from a local favorite, The Old Homestead Market & Floral located up on the Aurora Square. Pause this amazing podcast and go get one. Commercials aside, we are so excited to have Krystl Knabe as our guest on the Hospitalityc Authority Podcast. She is the State FFA Advisor and Career Field Specialist, AFNR. We discuss just how much we do and do not know about the movie, “Frozen”, whether or not reindeer are depicted right in the movie and if our guest has a hook up to the big guy in red. While teaching us a lot about reindeer, we learn about Krystl does for the Nebraska Department of Education and about some of her favorite TLC memories. Thank you, Krystl, for joining us today. We hope you enjoyed your first podcast experience and we hope to have you back.

PS. we are totally scheduling something with reindeer in December.

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This candle was purchased from The Old Homestead Market & Floral. It’s amazing. Go get yours today.


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