Go Big Give is May 3rd, a week from today. The Leadership Center is looking forward to all the fun. While it is our fourth time participating in this glorious annual day of giving, it is our FIRST time having a Challenge Match. We are beyond grateful.

What is a “Challenge Match”? A challenge match fund is where a supporter has pledge a particular amount of money when a certain amount of funds are raised. Challenge Matches are found by each participating organization.

What is the amount of your Challenge Match? $4,000.00.

What does this mean? When we reach a donation total of $4,000.00 on May 3rd, our donors will contribute another $4,000.00. We will see $3,000.00 of that the day of and $1,000.00 will be received in June.

D4LC Community Totem Pole building time.

Aren’t there other matching funds from Go Big Give? Are they different? There are. The incredible staff at The Heartland United Way and Grand Island Community Foundation have secured a number of sponsors and supporters. These funds cover numerous items including Incentive Funds and Matching Funds. These Matching Funds differ from Challenge Match Funds because the pool of Matching Funds is given out to all participating groups (this year there are 108). Amounts are based on the percentage of funds raised for TLC when compared to the entire pool of donations.

What if you don’t get $4,000.00 in donations, what happens to the Challenge Match funds? While we hope that our donors would still chose to donate, it is their prerogative to do as they wish. We are not guaranteed funds unless we hit our  challenge mark.

Who is your donor(s)? The Boeder Family has long been a supporter of The Leadership Center through both funds and volunteering. Does the name Boeder ring a bell? Yes, our Executive Director is a Boeder. She, along with her husband and their families, have put together this challenge grant because they wholeheartedly believe in what we do. We are grateful for their continued support.

Does The Leadership Center have a fundraising goal? We do. $50,000.00. It’s big, but we though we’d go big. It’s our 50th year.

Witnessing the Total Solar Eclipse at TLC.

What will the funds be used for? The funds we raise will go towards the following:

  • $4, 789.53 for Seeman Hall Roof: Paschke Brother’s Construction kindly donated the materials to replace the roof on Seeman hall. We have to cover the labor. They replaced the shingles which had been damaged and curled with a metal roof. It’s wonderful and was much needed.
  • $6,627.00 for Blezek Hall Lights: The lights in the what is often referred to as the gym were outdated, expensive and hard to find replacements. Nunnenkamp Electric replaced them with efficient LED lights.
  • $8995.72 for Pool Lights: Much like the gym, the pool lights needed to be replaced with which lights were more efficient and put off more light, providing increased safety.
  • Our newly planted treeline is growing quite nicely.

    $9,000 for Tree Line: We have had to start replacing trees on our windbreak along our property line. Many of the trees are dead or over grown. After much research and work, nearly 400 feet of treeline has been removed, cleaned up and replaced with Blue Spruce, Chanticleer Pear trees and Red Dogwood. We have received a donation of $1000 toward the $10,000.00 cost from the Lancaster Farm Bureau.

  • $2091.00 for Internet Update: While we have done quite a bit to improve our internet service to our guests, technology is always changing. We have experienced some internet issues as our guests needs grow. We would like to make the necessary updates to help prevent this.
  • $4,000.00 for Recreation, Sound Equipment and Meeting Room Enhancements: As our guests numbers grow and we continue to develop programs, adding to or replacing recreation equipment such as paddle boats, picnic tables, ping pong tables and such are needed. We would also like to replace our dated sound equipment and add more projectors, screens, and such for guests to use.
  • $15,000.00 for Outdoor Meeting Space: As our business has grown, we have received many requests to develop an outside meeting space for receptions, BBQ’s, family get togethers, etc. We are hoping to do just that on the north side of our building. The space would have a fence, fire pit, food service area, lighting and cement area for dances, etc. We haven’t settled on a name yet, so naming rights are available.

To donate, go to www.GoBigGive.org


Why should people give to The Leadership Center? Our original intent and purpose was to be a unique home for the Nebraska FFA, and we are. We are the home of the Nebraska FFA C.O.L.T. (Chapter Officer Leadership Training) Conference, numerous FFA Leadership Development Events and smaller training events. Beyond the FFA, the purpose for TLC is that we are a place where all types of groups can come for a safe and comfortable environment to learn and grow and have fellowship. We serve a number of under-served audiences as well as providing numerous backdrops for leadership development, hands on learning and as a safe place to make life long memories. This is sometimes as a facility and often times as the facilitators through our Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities (D4LC) programs. Beyond the events, we provided employment and life skills training for youth and the young at heart through jobs, on-site training, facilitation, internships and volunteer service. The funds donated help us to continue offering beautiful, affordable, safe and welcoming environment for all to meet, learn and foster fellowship.

Are you a 501(3)(c)? Yes, we are. We were founded as a private non-profit, owned and operated by the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation. Our # is 05-2350920. To view our exemption letter, click –> irs-letter-of-exemption.

Where do people donate? Donors can go to www.GoBigGive.org and select The Leadership Center to donte. The site also features the other 107 great non-profits participating in Go Big Give. Should donors like to donate to several, they can. Just load up your shopping cart, enter your information and hit the “donate button.” Donors will also have the option to select to pay the processing fees versus passing them onto the chosen non-profits.

When can they donate? Now. For those who want to get their donation in and done, head on over and do a “Pre-Give”. There you put in your information and donation. On May 3rd, your information will be processed and the organization(s) will receive your  donation.  If you want to do it day of, you can go to  www.GoBigGive.org from any smart phone or lap top and donate between MIDNIGHT and 11:59 p.m. Much like “Pre-Give”, you select “The Leadership Center” and other chosen organizations, enter your information, elect if you’d like to cover processing fees, and hit “donate”.  OR you can come over to The Leadership Center from 9-11 a.m. for the 4th Annual Coffee, Cake & Contributions. Donate on the provided lap tops and enjoy some cake and coffee. Staff will be on hand to assist, visit and give tours.

What if we want to donate by check or cash, can we? Yes you can. If you donate by check, you must write the check out to “Go Big Give” and put “The Leadership Center” in the memo. The check or cash must be received by end of business on May 3rd to be counted towards totals.

Where do I ask questions? Give us a call at 402-694-3934 or visit  www.GoBigGive.org.

We do hope you’ll join us on May 3rd. Thank you.

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