I love Spring.  It’s in my top four favorite seasons.

When most people think of Spring, they picture new green grass, fresh buds on trees, and a return of various songbirds to the gray, winter landscape.  Spring is a time of newness.

Spring is a special time at The Leadership Center, too.  Of course, our grass greens and our trees get leafy, and wildlife species make their presence known (beware of our geese by the pond).  Besides the typical ecological adjustments, TLC goes through other subtle transformations.

Usually, (this year may be an exception) guests coming to the Leadership Center this time of year are looking to spend more time outdoors.  The types of groups we host starts to change in the Spring, too.  Adults tend to be outnumbered by youth.  Large groups are more common.  Recreation becomes a higher priority.  Fishing and boating are commonplace.

We get really busy when school is out.  That’s one reason I’m looking forward to the Spring of 2018 so much.  Our Spring and summer groups are really fun.  It’s a total cliché.  Youth.  New Growth.  New beginnings.  New experiences.

For those of you familiar with TLC, you know we are a perennial summer home to the Nebraska FFA.  Their COLT Conference brings to us hundreds of students who come with an air of optimism and an attitude for growth.  New FFA officer teams begin to form bonds which carry them through the next school year.  Plans are made.  Goals are set.  The first seeds of success are planted.

Spring has also brought a new opportunity for youth seeking leadership training.  The Leadership Center has expanded the Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities Program.  In the summer of 2018, we are offering six sessions of our D4LC: Explore Conference.  This conference is open to youth ages 13-18. (Click on the link for more information)

Another new beginning is more personal to me.  After nineteen years of teaching in a public high school, I’m starting my first Spring as The Leadership Center’s first manager of conference and curriculum.  I’m very excited to do so.  I’ve been teaching students for close to two decades, but now I have the opportunity to educate students (of all ages) in a new way.  I’ve had the pleasure of conducting one-on-one interview training in our FLEET program.  With the D4LC staff, I will get to guide youth through our summer D4LC: Explore Conference.  We have also expanded our training opportunities for leadership teams (see the description of our MAPS Programs).

As you experience this extraordinary Spring (extraordinarily winter-like), we will be planning your guest experiences here at TLC.  Contact us to plan you next Moments that matter.



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