The Leadership Center is turning fifty. It is amazing. I have been a part of the center for over thirty years. I attended COLT Conference three years in a row when in high school and attended various functions as an Ag teacher and NVAF Board member.

When I first started teaching Ag/FFA I remember talking to some of the people that got it all started including Dr. Allen Blezek and Mr. Irv Wedeking (there were others). I just remember thinking how wise they were to take advantage of the opportunity when it presented itself. It was fun to hear about the tents and the big rains and how the “Ag Kids” could endure through any adversity.

Serving on the NVAF Board for fifteen years helped me to grow. I had never been around the type of construction that had taken place during that time. We had the dedication and naming of Blezek Hall, the Lakeside Edition, The Bridge and the Ted Ward Addition. I was on the committee that interviewed and recommended Maile Ilac Boeder for the position of executive director. Time has proven that decision, has become my legacy to the center.

I think of all the great people I got to work with… and Doug Voigt. But I think mostly of the people that have utilized the center. All the church organizations, school organizations, businesses and others that I don’t know about. It is called The Leadership Center because that is what it is about; it is not just about the FFA. I still think of the FFA when I think of the Leadership Center. I know it is so much more. I feel an overwhelming sense of pride in the Center. Occasionally, when I am close to Aurora, I will make a pass through the parking lot to see the changes. I am continually impressed with the forward thinking and progress of the Leadership Center.


Ken Sheets

Past officer on the Board of Directors and an Agricultural Education Instructor at Loup County Schools. He is now the Principal and Activities Director at Loup County Schools.

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