My name is Joel Springer, from Aurora. Seeing as I’m home from college for the summer, I live at home, a couple miles from town, on a farm with my Mom, Dad, and three younger siblings. Though I was born in Lincoln, I spent about nine years of my life in a Chicago suburb, where my Dad had an engineering job. I graduated from Aurora High School in 2017, and I have just completed my first year of college at Nebraska Wesleyan University in Lincoln, where I will major in history.

A few interesting things about myself and my family; I’m an eldest child. I have about 15 cousins on each side of the family (who I get to see several times a year. I’m also the oldest cousin). I’m young for nearly being a Sophomore in college, as I won’t turn 19 until just before classes begin. I played football for four years in high school (or five if you count a season long injury during college) as well as track and field. I go to church in town at Pleasant View Bible Church with my family and my grandparents, who have essentially lived in Aurora for all their lives. My Uncle, J.J. Springer, is a youth pastor at his church in Central City and my brother, Ben, will be the Aurora FFA Chapter’s President this coming year.

In my free time I enjoy playing my fair share of video games, messing around with siblings, fishing, and watching the occasional television show. Aptly, my favorite tv shows and video games have something to do with history as well, since I love military history.

A few of my favorite things; historical movies, like Master and Commander: The Far Side of the World, or The Last Samurai historical TV shows, like Turn (Revolutionary War), and The Last Kingdom (Viking Age). One of my favorite books is The Silmarillion by J.R.R. Tolkien. Possibly one of my favorite foods are gyros.

In my time here, over the summer at T.L.C, I hope to develop skills related to office work and further experience with numbers (which I really need) and maybe some money management skills, as well. Importantly, I hope to help enrich the community of Aurora by helping organizations such as FFA and other related local groups have meeting places to further grow and improve with their members. I think I’ll really enjoy helping people learn and grow, as well.

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