Before searching for a summer job, I had only had a few immediate experiences with The Leadership Center; a couple of football banquets, senior day, and one or two swims in the pool. From these events I only briefly met Maile, but seeing as I never participated much with FFA I had never really gotten to know any of the staff. Because of my limited interaction with The Leadership Center, I also didn’t know a whole lot about all of its functions within the community. However, when I heard that Micheala was still looking for an intern (from whom I can’t even recall, perhaps my Dad,) I decided to fill out an application for a general internship, and luckily I scored an interview.


Now, when I heard I would be interviewed by a panel of three staff members, I began to worry. Interviews are difficult enough one-on-one, but what I shortly discovered was my first indicator of the kind of people I would be working with. Maile, Micheala, and Kurt attempted to get to know me through the interview process rather than just asking questions to ask questions. As I began to work at the beginning of the summer, I came to realize that, just as my predecessor Andrew Stolpe had said, in his own final blog post, that “the TLC staff was more like a family than a work staff”. This is something that I think represents my experiences here this summer as a whole. In everything I did, there was a sense of community and togetherness and teamwork that I’m certain simply doesn’t exist in many other work environments.

This sense of family at The Leadership Center is obvious outside of the immediate campus. The willingness of the community of Aurora to assist us in fundraising events has showed me just how neighborly and caring the staff is everywhere they go. This helped me in my endeavors to reach out to area businesses to contribute to our summer fundraiser.

From this internship I learned a bit about myself; like how to keep myself calling people even when I really didn’t want to keep calling people, for example. I also learned more about the town of Aurora and its youth through frequently assisting with the Summer Lunch Program. I got to meet some high school kids and learn from them, as well as Maile and Kurt through the (awesome) D4LC program. I had the privilege of assisting with several weddings/wedding receptions throughout the summer, as well.

From transporting pancake griddles, to serving kids lunch out of the back of my boss’ car and beyond, the internship was a great experience which I hope to be able to take with me into my future at college, as well as in life.

Thanks to the family and community here at The Leadership Center, I have been able to find the “T.L.C” in Hospitality.

Here’s to one final Adios,


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