I’ve been at TLC since May now and like everyone around here I have done many things. My summer started with COLT conferences and making desserts for all the banquets. I had never made cream puffs before and now I have made over 1,500. We served over 5,000 meals in less than a month for COLT and I spent a lot of time in the kitchen. In May, and all summer, I also assisted Kurt with getting our summer lunch program up and running on the kitchen side. I helped Kurt with preparing food and using what we had to keep costs down for the program. All summer we served a free lunch to anyone under 18 that needed it.

In June we were very busy having camps, D4LC: Explore and our evening stroll dinner. During camps I was in the kitchen making lots of different foods for many people. I liked getting to help with making meals for individuals with special diets. Accommodations ranged from food allergies, gluten intolerance, to veganism or all of the above. I enjoyed learning to make alternatives for the foods that people could not eat.

This skill is one I might not have learned other places. Other than hosting camps, we held four sessions of D4LC: Explore conferences. The first session I attended as a participant and it was a great experience I would recommend for anyone. In subsequent sessions, I was able to help Maile and Kurt teach and I also stayed the night in the cabins with students. I even taught a session on my own with a little help from Kurt. Since we are a nonprofit, one of my big projects was helping Joel with fundraising for our summer dinner. I helped secure auction items that were silent or live auctioned off after dinner. I also helped in preparing the meals including baking and frosting many bunt cakes and making Jello molds for the center of all the tables.


Things calmed down a little in July and I had more time in the office. A huge undertaking, they tasked me with was getting a catering program started. Before I worked here, we had obtained our catering license, but we still served meals on our site with only a few offsite-catering jobs. I worked with Chef John and made a catering menu. The menu started as just an idea, but is now almost finished and ready to release to the public. Our kitchen has a staff that is capable of making meals as ordered by guests for many occasions and sizes of groups.

Now it’s August and with summer being over it’s a lot quieter around here. I’m working on logistics of catering and revising the menu. I have started working on gaining donations again, for our Golden Harvest Gala in November. I am working on finding new donors to reach out to in hopes of building new relationships. I also have worked on getting cakes donated for our dessert auction. Chef and I have started on the menu for the gala and it’s already sounding amazing.

The highlights of my summer have been making lots of fun desserts for many different people and groups, working on a new catering program, and preparing for fundraiser dinners. I love that I’m interning at a place where I get to do so many different things. Every day I come to work and I never know what I’m going to be doing.



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