Story time.  Stop me if you’ve heard this one before.

Once upon a time, there was an awkward thirteen-year-old kid.  They were insecure about how they looked, dressed, acted, and sounded.  Every day at school was filled with stress because they thought all the other kids were constantly judging them.

Maybe you already know this story?  Chances are, you lived this story.

Quite possibly, the most difficult period in a child’s life is the transition of pre-adolescent to full-blown teenage.  If you were anything like me, navigating junior high was like tip-toeing through a minefield…in clown shoes…with acne.  Several obvious factors contribute to the stress of this period.  Change is everywhere.  Gone are the days of an elementary school classroom, recess, and cubbies for your gym shoes.  Here, now, are the days of zits, hormones, a concern for fashion, and a locker (with a combination to forget).

Born out of a conversation with a local high school principal, our Bearings Program addresses this difficult transition. In this one-day conference, we focus on helping these early teens recognize why this period is so stressful.  We teach about the brain, how it affects decision-making, and why teens develop stress.

The Bearings Program also contains lessons on how to be a good (or better) friend and how kindness plays an important role in our lives.  We spend time on social media etiquette, cyber-bullying, and the tragedy of teen suicide.

As is true in all of our conferences and personal growth programs, we encourage activity and participation.  We pride ourselves on providing memorable hands-on exercises in an open and accepting environment. The ideal audience for Bearings is junior high or middle school students who are about to enter high school. And, as with all of our programs, Bearings facilitated here at The Leadership Center, but is also mobile.

To reserve a date or to discuss a custom program, call or email Kurt at The Leadership Center. (402)694-3934,



Kindness is everything.

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