…Dario is back…and then he isn’t. Oh, wait, he is. We are so excited in this episode that Dario is back, at least for a bit. We may have cashed in on a lunch with the team to start recording this podcast because Dario was at the table and we were excited about the idea of having him back. This is recorded during lunch so you’ll hear some background you don’t normally. But hey, did we say that Dario is back?

Dario shares his thoughts on music, movies and more. He also shares about his new gig as the Deal of the Week reporter for the YouTube Sensation, The NoCo Show. It’s exciting to hear about Dario and his adventures. He also share this weeks, Deal of the Week. Beyond that we learn about Kurt’s “fear” or “refusal” to seek out new music. We all discuss what 4 movies we’d want to have with us if we were stranded on a dessert island. There are a number of great nuggets in the silly episode for you to enjoy along with learning all the reason why you should follow the NoCo show. Enjoy!

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