Micheala and Maile went to Las Vegas. In this episode, Kurt discusses with the two, their experiences at Wedding MBA, meeting Micheala’s hero, David Tutera, and learning from the experts. They discuss ziplining the Grand Canyon, discovering gems like Dolan Springs, AZ, and Route 66. Other topics covered is the importance of employing planners, event details to account, and hospitality at its best. Of course there is a lot of there insights given that Kurt is on the podcast. It’s a good listen. Thanks and have a great day.

If you happen to be planning a trip to Las Vegas, here are a couple of recommendations, Micheala & Maile have for you:

  1. Go to the Neon Museum. Go during the day. It sounds crazy, but seriously, go to the Neon Museum during the day and go through it forward and backwards. Ask their guides all kinds of questions. It is a pheominal experience. Next to meeting David Tutera & Joey Toth, it was one of the high lights.
  2. The Grand Canyon West is 2 hours out of Vegas. It’s worth the car rental to make the trip. It’s beautiful. You will drive through Dolan Springs, Az which is a gem. You’ll see lots of cow crossings AND you’ll drive through the absolutely stunning Joshua Tree National Park. That was one of these most amazing surpises we were gifted with. It is so beautiful. When you get to Grand Canyon West, pay the $70 (or buy a pass online, its cheaper) and do the zipline. It’s so phenominal. You will not regret it.
  3. Eat at Carson Kitchen. It’s hidden, but it’s worth the search. It’s two doors down from The Doughnut Bar. We tried two diffent burgers and their macaroni and cheese. It was heavenly.
  4. Have breakfast at Black Bear Dinner. It’s an adorable cafe and the food is afordable and delicous, not to mention plentiful. We ate there right after we landed in Vegas. The coffee was delicous. The omelets were scumptous and the panacakes…Maile might have wept a bit they were that good.
  5.  Make time to see the fountains at the Bellagio. And yes, it’s totally fine, if you replay the end of Ocean’s 11 in your mind as you watch them. While you are there, go inside and check out both the sculptures (also featured in Ocean’s 11) and their botanical gardens. You won’t be disappointed.
  6. Go to Paris and enjoy a cup of coffee on the sofas at the edge of the casino, near the shops. They have incredible entertianment for their guests to enjoy. During our time, there was a young man who played electic violin. It was mesmorizing. The inside of Paris is beautiful too.
  7. Splurge and go to Cirque Du Soliel “Love“. Maile is a huge fan of the Beatles. She is not a huge fan of people who redo Beatle’s music. After seeing a documentary where Paul, Ringo and Maile’s favorite, George, gave their blessing to the show, “Love” was added to her bucket list. Both enjoyed the amazing show. There isn’t a bad seat in the house and the show itself. One word. Beautiful.
  8. Go have scallops and steak at Seersucker in Cesar’s Palace. We understand we live in Nebraska, the state with the best steak. With that said, Micheala assures you that you won’t be disapointed. The restaurant is beautiful. Their staff is the true definition of hospitality. You will love the food and drink.
  9. We totally did the tourist thing and enjoyed a gondola ride at The Venitian. It was wonderful. You have the opportunity to do either a ride inside or outside. You are seranaded during your ride as well. It was a really wonderful experience.
  10. If you go down to Fremont Street and you should, walk to the end check out the Downtown Container Park. We stumbled across it while we were out for a walk after lunch at Carson Kitchen. It is a really neat park and the shops are cool too. Everything is built out of shipping containers.
  11. And lady’s if you want to see a show that is both entertaining and empowering, check out Magic Mike. Before you click and shut this blog, let us just say, it isn’t a male review. Seriously. It is a well put together show that features talented dancers, who sing, play instruments and keep their clothes on. Yep, you read that right. The set is gorgeous. It’s set up a bit like an old cigar lounge, rich with detail. It’s really a remarkable show.
  12. In & Out Burger. Yes, you can find them a lot of places, but its so good.  Their shakes, fries and cheeseburgers. Oh, and if you are like Maile, who can’t enjoy a burger for health reasons, request a grilled cheese with everything but the burger. You will not be disappointed.

One last recommendation, if you do anything with weddings, catering or special events, we highly suggest investing in and attending Wedding MBA. It was such an enriching educational experience.

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