We are adding something new, it’s our Delectable Creations Classes. These classes are going to be culinary based and faciliated by our le Courdon Blue trained Chef, John Anderson and our Kitchen Manager, John Boeder. It’s been a an opportunity we’ve wanted to offer for some time so we finally took the plunge at the beginning of February with our Valentine’s Delectable Creations.

In the Valentine’s class, Chef took the attendees through simple chocolate tempering. They learned how to properly temper milk chocolate and white chocolate baking chips. They also got to dye the chocolate. Of course, there was food too. They mixed and baked our TLC Short Bread Cookies which they got to cut out in festive shapes. While those were baking and cooling, they dipped strawberries, marshmallows and Oreos. Once the cookies were cooled, they dipped and decorated them too. For a bit of fun, the last thing everyone had the opportunity to dip and try was bacon.  When everything was done, all the attendees got to decorate their boxes with a little Valentine’s fun and take their goodies home.

For a spectator, I truly enjoyed watching both Chef and John in their element as they taught. Their passion to share their love for the kitchen, cooking and learning was evident. The other neat thing was the diversity of attendance. We had a couple of mother/daughter combos, a couple curious individuals, a couple friends and a few that made it a date night. It was fantastic to see them engaged, learning, creating and having fun.

While Valentine’s has gone and March is almost here, we are offering more classes.

  • March Delectable Creations Classes:
    • Saturday, March 9th from 10:00 a.m.- 1:00 p.m.: The Basics of Sushi Class Register Here
    • Tuesday, March 12th from 6:00 p.m.-8:00 p.m.: St. Patrick’s Day Treats Register Here
  • April Delectable Creations Classes:
    • Saturday, April 6th: Meal Planning and Prep
    • Gluten Free Desserts
      • Times and Descriptions to come.

Tickets for classes can be purchased on Eventbrite.com or at The Leadership Center Business Office. Pre-purchase is required.

The Delectable Creations Classes are just another part of D4LC education offerings. We look forward to bringing our community more opportunities to learn, engage and have fun. These classes can also be arranged for private groups. For more information on all our offerings, please visit www.TLCAurora.org or call our office at 402-694-3934 to talk with one of our teammates.

Have a great day.

Maile Ilac Boeder, Executive Director

For more Valentine’s Delectable Creations pictures, click here.

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