My name is Elizabeth Lowe and today is my second day as an intern at The Leadership Center! With my first day taking place in the middle of COLT (leadership training for FFA officers), it was a little hectic and challenging but turned out great in the end. It was an awesome experience and I am super excited for what is to come in the following months.

A little bit about myself: I grew up in the small town of Murray, Nebraska, which is about a two-hour drive east of The Leadership Center. I have four sisters and one brother. I am currently a junior at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, majoring in Management/Entrepreneurship and minoring in Psychology. After graduation, I hope to move to Colorado and earn my MBA degree. I love the area and all of the outdoor activities there is to do there. I also have family that lives there, so being able to see them often would be amazing. I eventually want to open my own business, preferably a non-profit that helps animals in one way or another.

Next spring I am traveling to Milan, Italy to attend school there for four months. I am very excited to learn the language and culture and to travel to different cities around Europe- especially the destination I have recently added to my list: France. Why? Well, let me tell you a story. To begin, I have always been in love with Italy and have dreamed of visiting for as long as I can remember. My love for the country sparked because of my family’s heritage. My great grandparents traveled to the United States from Sicily, Italy in the early 1900’s. Growing up, I was proud of our heritage and enjoyed learning about my family and where they came from.

On February 1st, my sister received her DNA results from a kit she was gifted for Christmas. Earlier that day, I told my parents, “the results are either going to be exactly what we expect or a complete surprise”. Well, it was quite a surprise. The results listed her as 60% French, and 0% Italian. And no, she isn’t adopted (we’re also triplets!). So, that’s the story of how I planned a trip to live in the country that my family is.. not actually from. My siblings and I love to make jokes about it. 🙂

Back to the internship..

Even though today is only my second day, I already feel welcome here. Everyone here instantly makes you feel like family and lends a hand whenever needed.

I am excited for the experience and growth that I will gain throughout the summer. The various projects that Abby and I will work on will allow us to further our professional and organizational skills, which will assist us greatly in our future careers.


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