This is a phrase that is often said here at the Leadership Center. While it may just be a phrase, it carries a heavy, purposeful meaning to everyone.

The past couple of weeks, we had the opportunity to create those moments for people that will last a lifetime.

We wrapped up COLT, which is the Chapter Officer Leadership Training for FFA members. This conference has so many possibilities for young people to learn more about what it means to be a great leader. The objectives of this conference are aimed to help students develop growth within themselves to contribute better as a teammate, as well as to help nourish each member’s character.

The Leadership Center helped those students do just that. In many ways, we provided the ideal environment for growth and excitement. For example, Jane walked around with ice cream truck music while students indulged in Big Boppers. They not only walked out with a belly full of ice cream, but a smile as well.

At the finish of COLT, we created more memorable moments for some special people. A former intern got married and we had the great responsibility of serving up some tasty food and creating an unforgettable environment. Just by being present and working the wedding, it was enlightening to see genuine smiles all around.

I’m stoked to be here at TLC to be able to create those moments for people that truly matter. So far, I’ve already created memories with my fellow staff members that I will never forget. Every day when I wake up, I look forward to being with everyone here at The Leadership Center.

-Abby Williams


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