I don’t remember a lot of things but I remember this moment perfectly. I was in the 5th grade standing in line getting ready to trek up to the art room. A loud moan of grudges could be heard all the way down in Texas from me and my classmates. We always dreaded having to go to art class and dealing with the mean, big, old art teacher. (He’s actually a really great guy, me and my 5th grade classmates couldn’t see it at the time.) The amount of whining we did on those days had to drive our teacher crazy, until one day she said something that has stuck with me.

She said, “You GET the opportunity to go to art class instead of HAVING to go”. I don’t know if Ms. Rainforth realized she taught us a great deal about life. She probably did because she is amazing like that. After she said that, the room was stripped with the sound of whining and my 5th grade self was changed.

Every day I get the opportunity to do some awesome things. I’m not always grateful for the things I get to do, but I’m working on it. I hear Ms. Rainforth’s strong voice carry out in my head saying: “You get to do this, not have to.”

Being optimistic about the things I get to do in this life has made it so much more enjoyable. Looking at everything as an opportunity instead of an obligation is such an awesome, positive way to go about life.

I GET the chance to do awesome things here at the Leadership Center. I GET the opportunity to do a lot of things in this wonderful life of mine. And for that, I am grateful and working on being even MORE grateful.


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