Hello, and welcome to John’s blog corner. I am a worker at TLC in the facilities department. I like lasagna and my favorite band is the Foo Fighters. Earlier this month, I was generously offered a temporary (one time) position as head blog writer. The following is a true story that happened right here at The Leadership Center.

It was a light and sunny day. Caring for our guests with the utmost hospitality, the staff at TLC went about our separate jobs. Suddenly, somebody shouted, “Look! Out on the lawn! It’s a dog!” One by one the workers at TLC trickled out of the building to discover that it was indeed a dog on the lawn. We also discovered that the dog had no identification or name. It was at this point that Dario christened the canine “Frank”. Frank was cute, but he looked a little under the weather; his hair was dirty, his right ear had a scratch that attracted flies, and he was listless, not even responding to voices or whistles. We knew we had to act fast to save Frank. It was a hot day, so the first objective was water.

Hoping a refreshing drink would perk up the puppy, I ran inside and gathered some of our finest tap water in a styrofoam dish. When I returned with the water, Frank still laid on the grass. For several minutes we tried to coax him into drinking the water, but to no avail. Finally one of the interns had the idea that Frank might be hungry. She brought out her lunch box and offered the dog a piece of ham. With a lunging snap of jaws Frank devoured the ham not unlike an Orca whale snapping up a seal. Again came the ham and again came Frank, almost swallowing the meat whole. This continued until there was no more ham, at which point the dog looked much more alert. He even drank some water, too. The fed and hydrated hound started ambling around the yard, although not too quickly because of the petting and scratching behind the ears he was receiving from staff members. Frank was a cool dude.

Finally the time came for us to part ways with the dog. Animal control had been called during the dog’s lunch, so Frank had to go to the shelter to wait for his owner to pick him up. Because of the bond formed between us and the dog, we were devastated to see our new mascot leave so soon. Frank, in an effort to hide his grief, looked away from us and only focused on the food offered by the animal control guy. We mopped up our tears and returned to work, our day made a little brighter by our furry friend.

Here at The Leadership Center, we make moments that matter. While most of our clients are people, Frank was able to enjoy all the amenities of TLC: freshly mowed lawns, exquisite cuisine, and some love from our interns representing the planning committee. Whether you are a dog or not, you too can experience our warm hospitality.

–John Helzer

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