We are hosting a Murder Mystery Dinner Fundraiser. It is 20’s themed and will take place on August 10th at 6:00pm. The night will consist of food, drinks, a cash bar, and most importantly: mystery solving. All attendees are highly encouraged to dress up, as there will be prizes for best dressed (along with prizes for those who solve the murder). 

Our intern, Elizabeth Lowe, chose this event as a fundraiser for the Summer Food Service Program. This is a government run program in which the center partakes in, and is highly regulated by the USDA. Each weekday, from May to August, employees  spend about an hour serving kids free lunches. Any child the age of 18 or younger qualifies to receive a free lunch. The lunches always include a variety of fruits and vegetables choices. Encouraging healthy eating habits is something that the program and the center strive to do. 

This program is something that is extremely important to the Aurora- and various other- communities. Kids receive much more than a free meal when attending the program. They are given a safe space to relax, have a healthy meal, have fun, and to just be a kid- which for many, the chance doesn’t come very often. Many kids are burdened with the stress and worry of where their next meal will come from or are given adult responsibilities that restrict them from enjoying their childhood. The Leadership Center focuses on giving kids a space to get away from this. In some cases, the meal that a child receives from the program may be the only meal they receive that day. The difference that this program makes in children’s’ lives is why it is vital that it continues to operate. 

If you would like to purchase tickets or donate to the program, click here. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Kitchen workers posing in Hawaiian shirts smiling.