Summer is officially over. School has started and kids have gone back to school. This also means the interns have headed back to college. We are fortunate at The Leadership Center to be able to employ interns throughout the summers; and sometimes when they have done a great job, we extend their internship into the fall. I really enjoy getting to work with and manage our interns each summer, I get to know new individuals and help them navigate through developing new skills. With each set of interns, I learn something new:

  1. Each intern brings a new learning opportunity to not just myself but to our business. Interns remind us that the tasks, which we have become accustomed to doing a certain way each day, can be accomplished in new ways.
  2. Everyone learns a different way and at a different pace. What to me has become second nature is not for someone else. Also, I have years of experience whereas interns are still learning.
  3. There is nothing like hands-on experiences that can teach you so much and really transfer what you learn in class into real life experiences. Textbooks and professors can teach you a lot about your field of study, but you won’t really learn everything unless you actually do it yourself.
  4. Sometimes, the best way to learn is to fail. The most valuable lessons can only be learned when you fail.
  5. There are many different leadership styles out there. It’s important as managers to adapt your style when working with others.

When I was in college and the summer after I graduated, I was able to learn so much from my internships. They helped me apply what I learned in class to real life. I met some great people and figured out what path I wanted to explore. I am grateful to be able to manage the interns. It has been incredibly challenging at times, stressful, and forced me to grow, but overall, I have learned a lot and built some great, meaningful relationships. As I said, each intern has provided me with tons of lessons and growth throughout the years. It’s important to keep learning and to never stop growing.


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