I woke up Wednesday morning at 2:49, the house shaking. I looked out the window and couldn’t even see three feet out. My mom came in the room and grabbed me and the whole family headed downstairs. We went down and found water dripping through the ceilings. We franticly grabbed buckets and cleaned up what we could. What we couldn’t prepare ourselves for was the ravaged trees outside. As the storms settled down, we trekked outside and discovered new (to us) trees in the backyard! I have never seen so much commotion at 3 in the morning in small town Doniphan. It was interesting saying “good morning” to all the neighbors at that time in my pajamas.

Though trees fell apart, communities came together.

It was inspiring to see so many people walking the streets of Doniphan with their chainsaws and tools just looking for the next person to help. Numerous numbers of people stayed home from work that day just to help their neighbor or the elderly couple down the street they didn’t know well. Not only did this happen in Doniphan, but Grand Island and surrounding communities as well.

Instead of having a practice, coaches and athletes were getting their workouts in by helping out their communities. It was neat to see all the teams giving back to their communities. Maile and Kurt along with the Grand Island Northwest football team boat leaders took the time out of their MAPS session to help clean up their community.

From what I’ve seen so far, a lot of the focus has been on the damage, the cost of repair and the negative sides to this storm. The good and most important part about all of this is the way everybody responded to it. I was in awe at the teamwork and response from all the different communities.