Guess Whose Back?

It’s me. Abby Williams. I’m still the goofy, fun loving person I’ve always been. But I’ve made a few changes! First, I am an Elementary Education major and loving every second of it. Okay well, maybe not the homework. I’m back in Lincoln and getting all settled in here at the Non-Profit Hub where Elizabeth and I share a cute, comfy office space. My favorite color is still hot pink (sorry Maile) but coral pink has become a second close. I also gained a sister as my brother married an awesome woman! I’m excited to finally have a sister after years of being the only girl.


What exactly am I doing?

I am transitioning into a role that I’m stoked about. D4LC was one of my favorite things to help with this past summer. Now I get to help research/design curriculum for this awesome program and other tasks related to D4LC programming! Along with that I get to work alongside with Kurt and Maile.


What I’m looking forward to: 

I’m looking forward to expanding my knowledge and skills with leadership. As well as hopefully getting to work with people attending our D4LC conferences. I’m excited to be back with Elizabeth in the office. We got along really well and I can’t wait to see what we both accomplish.

And lastly, why I’m thankful for this opportunity:

I can’t thank Maile and everyone back at The Leadership Center for giving me this opportunity. It’s so awesome that the Non-Profit Hub is a quick walk from campus so I can attend classes and continue being an Intern for TLC. The opportunities I’ve been given have helped me grow, not just in my experience, but as a person as well. For that, I will be forever thankful.


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