After a long two weeks, I’m finally back at TLC as one of the Fall Interns.

If you are new to TLC, my name is Elizabeth Lowe and I spent the summer at The Leadership Center as an intern. I had the opportunity to work on a lot of cool projects with a lot of cool people. This fall, I plan to do the same.

One thing that is different about this fall is the location that I will be working at. Since I won’t be able to make the 3-hour commute to and from the center every day, I will be working in an office space in downtown Lincoln. It’s super cool and there’s a coffee shop next door, which is good for me but bad for my bank account. It’s also about a two-minute walk from UNL’s City Campus which is awesome.

The Foundry

There’s a lot planned for the next four months. The first event that I will be helping with is the Artist’s weekend which starts on the 13th. I will be going back to Aurora to help with this and I’m super excited to see everyone and learn about/assist with the event. Other big events I will be helping with include our Spooktacular run in October and our Harvest Gala in November. The Harvest Gala is a large project that I will be working on. I will be helping collect auction items from different businesses around Nebraska and a few other states. The proceeds from these auction items will go towards various property and security upgrades around TLC.

Weekly blogs, monthly email newsletters, and a rental book are some of my other main projects that I will be working on over the semester.

As for school, I also have a lot to look forward to this semester. I am taking courses in Economics, Accounting (not my forte), Psychology, and Entrepreneurship. I am super excited about what I will be learning about in my Entrepreneurship class. We will be reading two books about innovation and creativity and will work on various projects throughout the semester that allows us to apply what we learned from the readings: coming up with solutions to problems, business ideas, etc.

Overall, I am super excited for what’s in store these next four months and am happy to continue working for The Leadership Center. I know it’ll be great.


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