Here are some quick stats on me and my social media:

Instagram: 757 followers

  Twitter: 436 followers

Facebook: 652 friends

By looking at these numbers, it looks like I have quite a few friendships with a lot of different people.

But none of those number mean anything. They don’t have any significant meaning.

What really matters is the quality of the friendships I keep. The quality is much more vital to the human existence then quantity.

It’s nice to have people like a picture or a post you put on social media, that’s great for a little bit. But that will never lead to true happiness and belonging. Instant gratification from all your “friends” on social media does not equal genuine happiness or authentic friendships.

Get off your phone.

Limiting the time spent on social media can have great impacts to a person’s mental health. Decreasing screen time can lead to reductions in loneliness and depression (1). I don’t find this surprising as I have tried to limit my time on social media and have felt more fulfilled with real things in life. What I do find ironic is that social media’s goal is to connect people, when in fact it can make people feel more disconnected.

<3 your friends

I love to emphasis that having authentic friendships can enhance your life greatly, so does Mayo Clinic. They said that friendships help us increase our feeling of belonging and purpose, increase our happiness and decrease stress, help us with our self-confidence and self-worth, friends help us cope with hard life events, and they assist us in having healthy habits (2). Not only do friends help with that, but they have benefits to your over-all health, too. Friends can help reduce risk of depression, high blood pressure, and unhealthy BMI (2).

PS: If you ever need a friend, lets get a cup of coffee and we’ll talk about anything and everything.



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