Every morning, I wake up excited to drink my coffee. On a normal day, its Folgers 100% Colombian Medium Dark Roast. On special days, it’s a large Americano, no cream. On days when I’m feeling really fancy, it’s a cold brew with two pumps of sugar free vanilla and a splash of cream. Some might call me addicted to coffee. Well, maybe. Let’s look into this…

Interesting enough, caffeine in coffee has the chemical structure that is similar to adenosine. Adenosine is what helps signal tiredness to the brain (1).  Since caffeine and adenosine have similar makeup, caffeine will block that message to the brain and leave you with a feeling of alertness. It also


allows everyone’s favorite chemical, dopamine, to work more efficiently (2).

Finland holds first place for the biggest coffee drinker. While United States falls to 26thplace. Brazil is the world’s biggest coffee exporter with 5.7 billion pounds per year. My beloved Colombian coffee is a jump away in 3rdplace with 3.6 billion pounds a year. When I think of coffee, I can’t help but think about Starbucks. It’s fitting that for every 1 millions people in the United States, there are 41 Starbucks to accommodate them (3). So what about tea? Well I don’t know. I am so loyal to coffee and I will forever be that way.

I love coffee and caffeine so much, I could take shots of espresso con panna with every meal. Working at the Non-Profit Hub with the Foundry downstairs makes that even easier! If you’re ever in Lincoln, I highly recommend making a stop at the Foundry to get your coffee fix.




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