The distressed little girl is me, upset about mashed potatoes (probably).

There I was, getting ready to go to Grandma’s house for our tradition of Sunday night suppers. I remember DREAMING about those mashed potatoes drowning in dad’s gravy. I can just smell the crispy onions on the green bean casserole. My mouth is watering thinking about Grandma’s pot roast. Oh, and don’t even get me started on the corn or the biscuits with apricot jelly.

It’s an old picture, but its an accurate depiction as to what grandma’s kitchen looks like on a regular basis.

I was the first one to jump out of the car and sprint to my Grandma’s front door. Once I got inside and into the kitchen, my eyes were laser focused on the mashed potatoes. Starring down the potatoes is a feat in itself due to the enormous, loving family I’m lucky to have. I was shifting my head, darting around the kitchen to get a better view and smell of the taters. Finally, my four brothers and parents caught up to me in the kitchen. After my family got acquainted in grandma’s kitchen, my mom pulled each of us kids aside and whispered to us “FHB on the potatoes.” My youthful mind was immediately confused as to what my mom was trying to me. I asked her what does FHB means and she replied with “family hold back.”

Family Hold Back.

“We should let others go first before us and if we must, we take a small amount so there is enough for everyone.”

Years have gone by since I first heard my mom say that, but it was a normal phrase for her and ten other siblings.

I find myself pondering that phrase very often. Taking less for yourself so there is more for others. I like to think I practice this, but the truth is, I could do a whole lot better.


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