Enjoying some “Christmas Vacation”


A cute little gingerbread house.

This past Sunday, the team here at The Leadership Center took some time to celebrate the holiday season together. While it snowed outside, together, we watched the classic, Christmas Vacation. Oh, did we laugh and laugh some more while we enjoyed popcorn and hot cocoa.

Once the movie concluded, we partook in a new activity this year. We built gingerbread houses in teams. The teams were given gingerbread kits as well as lots more sprinkles, powdered sugar, frosting and the appropriate tools to craft their masterpieces. And masterpieces they were! We had a couple of houses, a church and of course, inspired by the movie, an out house.

Once pictures were taken and gifts were given, we loaded up the cars and headed to a TLC favorite, Pueblo Viejo. Over a variety of tacos, enchiladas, buritos and fajitas, the laughter and fellowship continued. It really was wonderful.


So much fun and mischief.

Having the privilege to work with the wonderful team of people, day in and day out, is nothing short of a dream. We are a family. A funny, odd, and great little family.

So from our family to yours, we wish you a very, merry Christmas. We hope your holiday season is a blessed one.






micheal in a green dresss and maile in a gold dress are standing next to Joel seated in a chair smiling.