It might be cliché to post something about thankfulness right after Thanksgiving and during the Holiday season. I’m not here to lecture you to be thankful “not just on Thanksgiving, but every day.” (I’ve seen this plastered on social media lately.) While that might be true, what does practicing thankfulness look like on a daily basis?

This is a good example of the things I am thankful for daily.

There are many, unique ways that people do this. One way I recognize that I’m thankful for something, is each night, I have this journal that I write in. (no lie, I sound like I’m about 75 years old) Among other things, there are words I always write down. I include at least a minimum of ten things I’m thankful for that day. Coffee and avocados make the list every single time.

(Elizabeth also did something similar to this and she explained it in her blog HERE )

Along with writing down what you’re thankful for, here are other simple ways to show your thankfulness:

-Give hugs

Who doesn’t love a good hug? (not including my brothers)


I really like this one because anyone can do it and it doesn’t cost a thing!

-Being fully present

This one can be a challenge. We have these little devices that make it so easy to be distracted by listening to music, texting while in a conversation, or scrolling through twitter while pretending to listen to someone. This way to show thankfulness is a less common one. It’s so refreshing to have someone who is fully engaged in what you’re saying or doing! I get so hyped when someone is actually giving me their whole, undivided attention. Trust me, the mindless Twitter scroll can wait.



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