There is a common belief that you are either a creative person or are not. It’s something you are born with and it’s not something you can learn. I too thought this was the case. Now, well into my junior year of college, I have changed how I think about creativity. I am currently taking a course titled “Computational Creativity”. I also took an Entrepreneurship course last semester that heavily covered the topic of creativity. If there is one thing I’ve learned from these courses, it’s that everyone is creative and can improve upon their creative skills.

There are certain processes you can go through to increase your creativity, one of which being observation. This is the process I will be focusing on. The process of observing is pretty simple. First, decide on the location you would like to observe at. The more familiar you are with it, the better. Take a pen and paper so you can record your observations. Use all of your senses- pay attention to the smells, sounds, and sights. Look at the architecture, animals, people, and plants. Don’t ignore details.

This process is extremely helpful when it comes to creativity because you are able to practice paying attention and taking in every detail that you see. I went through this process for an assignment in my Computational Creativity class. It was an eye-opening process, and definitely changed how I view the world around me. The location that I observed is a place I visit almost every day on campus. I noticed countless things that I’ve never paid attention to before. Even though I’ve seen the location a thousand times, it was like I was truly seeing it for the first time.

Observing is an important process when it comes to creativity. By noticing new things, you are able to make new assumptions and ask new questions.


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