I’m sure most people who are reading this have, or at least have heard of, Instagram. Instagram was created in 2010 and has over 1 billion monthly users. About 25 million of those are business. According to Kristi Kellog, a writer for the Search Engine Journal, “200 million Instagram users visit at least one business profile every day, and at least 80% of accounts follow a business on Instagram”. With all of this being said, it isn’t a surprise that Instagram has drastically changed the way that businesses market and share their brand with the world.

Instagram has a business profile option, which is different from a personal profile and offers many benefits. Businesses are able to track their insights, which tells them information about their followers’ age ranges and locations, along with the days and times when they experience the most traffic on their account. Businesses can also add a contact button, add links to their stories, and make promotional posts.

Instagram is a great place for businesses to grow their company, promote their products or services, and showcase their brand. They can do this through their posts, stories, IGTV, and highlights, along with other Instagram accounts. When other accounts tag them or set their business as their location in a post, it is likely to bring traffic to their site. When an account with a large follower does so, the business can gain a lot of new followers or customers.

Here are some ways a business can utilize Instagram:

  1. Create a connection with your followers
  2. Use stories and highlights in addition to posting on your page
  3. Use hashtags to create an additional way for people to find your account
  4. Include links to your website and other important sites
  5. Create a clear visual style and color palette
  6. Find the right balance for how often you post. The average is 1.5 posts a day
  7. Interact with your followers
  8. Be creative with how you promote your products or services
  9. Take advantage of the bio section of your page
  10. Make the most of your captions






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