I am not sure if we are in week 9 or 10 of the Covid-19 days, but as states slowly begin to re-open, we here at The Leadership Center, are looking forward to opening our doors again to our guests. Whenever that is.

But what does that look like? Good question. This is a challenge that all in the hospitality industry are facing as we move forward.

Uncertain of exactly how we will be able to proceed, we have a hunch how we offer services will have to be amended some, for the time being. Which, of course, we’ll be happy to do as best we can.

Not having a crystal ball, here are a few of the things we foresee:

Meetings: as we set up tables and such, we’ll have to be able to ensure proper social distancing. For example, 1 person per table.

Food service: we will serve food! We promise. It just may be that we will have to plate & serve everything as buffets are currently not allowed.  We are brainstorming just what this looks like. However, given all the ideas on the drawing board, I am quite confident, whatever we land on, will be good!

Lodging: as we have been housing essential medical personnel, we have these procedures pretty well mapped out! While cleanliness has always been at the forefront of our offerings, we’re taking extra precautions for both guest and staff. All linens in every room including bed coverings and pillows are being washed between all guests. Every hard surface is cleaned and sanitized daily. Floors are cleaned and sanitized in between stays. Many of these things were done prior to the pandemic, either the frequency or added sanitization practices, have been increased. Staff designated to cleaning lodge rooms are doing so in extensive personal protective equipment (PPE.)

Recreation: These offerings will depend on what the current Direct Health Measures (DHM) are at the time. We suspect that there will be additional cleaning and sanitization protocols that will have to be put in place as well as limiting numbers of participants. We have brainstormed several potential options. Before opening, we will be sure such measures are put into place.

It’s been since mid-March, since our entire team, took leave due to Covid-19. Some were laid off and a few were furloughed. Only a couple of us have been able to return as we are still offering a few programs and the lawn! The lawn and our beautiful outdoor spaces have to be cared for. Most of our business has either been postponed to 2021 or canceled. THAT SAID, we remain hopeful that as things begin to settle down and open up, we’ll be able to once again, come together to serve you all. We are excited to just that!

As just mentioned, we are still offering a few things to our guests and clients. Here they are:

Meals Out the Door

Limited Catering

Virtual Coffee’s (Monday-Friday)

Virtual Happy Hour (Thursdays)

Story Time (Most evenings at 7 p.m. CT on Facebook Live) The Leadership Center or Maile’s personal page

Summer D4LC Camps & Conference Registration (all attendance have been limited to 10 for each session)

Booking services for future meetings and events: call 402-694-3934 or email info@tlcaurora.org

We certianly hope you and yours are well and healthy. We’re looking forward to the day we get to re-open our doors and greet you all as our guests. Until then, please check out the services are currently offering.

Have the best day & be well,

Maile Ilac Boeder, Executive Director

Hospitalityc Authority picture. Team on dock by the water.





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