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Below you will find a number of frequently asked questions. Should you have any other questions, feel free to call us at 402-694-3034 or click here. We're always happy to assist.

How do you price for family reunions, conferences, retreats, etc?

We build packages and price per person. For example, depending on how many nights you are staying with us. How many meals you will have here. Our prices are specialized to each and everyone client that we have walk through the door based on your needs.

Do we get to pick our menu?
Our Chef handles the planning of the meal. He plans based on the types of groups that we have on property. Unless you are with us for a special event such as a wedding or rehearsal dinner, then you will be in control of your menu. Our Chef serves a square meal with a meat, starch and veggie. Salad bar and desert are included in each meal.

When are meals served?
Our meal times are usually 8:00 AM for breakfast, Noon for lunch and 5:30 PM for supper. All of our meals are served for 45 minutes. We can arrange different meal times if requested.

Do you have wireless?
We offer wireless throughout our main building and in all of our meeting rooms as well as Kiewit Lodge and Ted Ward Lodge without charge or password.

Do you allow small dogs in your lodge rooms?
We do not allow small dogs to stay with us here at The Leadership Center unless they are guide dogs. We do however have a veterinary clinic near by that would love to take care of your beloved animals while you stay with us! The Aurora Veterinary Clinic's number is 402-694-2134.

Do you handle individual reservations or are the contacting groups responsible for reservations?
If we are taking reservations for a wedding then we handle the reservations individually. We will set aside rooms for the wedding guests and will fill the rooms as reservations come in. If we are taking reservations for a retreat or a conference, the contacting/sponsoring group is responsible for your reservation however we maybe able to assist you with online registration if you'd like. To see if your group could take advantage of such an offering, please inquire at contracting.  We ask the sponsoring group for final numbers 7 days from the event and will receive the room information then.

How do you hand out keys?
If the room is reserved by an individual we will have an envelope with their name and room number along with instructions on the counter outside of the office in the main lobby waiting for them. If the keys are a part of a retreat, conference, reunion, or etc. then the keys will be set in the main meeting room along with a room chart that can be distributed.

Who do we contact if we need assistance while on property?
On either your envelope or in your meeting room on the room chart the on call person will be listed along with their phone number. Also on the office window and in both lodges it will be posted as to who is the on call person and their phone number if you should need assistance.

Does your pool have lifeguards?
Our pool does not have lifeguards. If children are under the age of 16 and swimming an adult needs to be present in the pool room.

Do you sell/allow alcohol?
We do not hold a liquor license so we are not allowed to sell or distribute alcohol. However alcohol is allowed on property. Please contact the office for more information on your options.

Do we have to associated with a church or FFA to attend your property?
No! We welcome everyone to our facility! We have weddings, reunions, business meetings, etc on our property every day. We would love to host you and your needs!

Can we cater in food?
No. We do have an amazing chef who would be more than happy to assist you with your food needs. You can bring in food for your meeting room. Due to state law the food can't be temperature controlled, however, foods such as chips, trail mix, etc are all welcome!

Do your lodge rooms have telephones and TVs?
We do not provide phones or TVs in our lodge rooms. We pride ourselves on being a retreat center and providing you with a space outside of the chaos so that you can focus on why you are here.

Do you provide bait and/or fishing poles for catch and release fishing?
We do have fishing poles and a tackle box available for daily rental. Check with the front office or with the manager on duty. We do not have bate for sale, however, as our guest, we encourage you to head up to the Boondocks to buy your bate. The Boondocks is located at 615 Q Street, Aurora. 402-694-4577.

Is their a curfew on your property?
There is not a curfew on our property. However starting at 10 pm we do have police checks every hour.

Do you accept donations?
Yes! We would love to accept a donation! There are many options for donations. If you check out our donations page you can get more information on donations and how to help us here at The Leadership Center.

Can you smoke in our facility or on our property?
Our facility is a smoke free facility. This includes vapor and e-cigarettes. Smoking is permitted on property in designated areas.

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