The Leadership Center and all it has to offer was made possible by the kindness, generosity, and dedication of numerous donors, contributors and volunteers. Our history is built on this support, and it’s important to us that you know!


  • Bob Beran- Donation
  • Syngenta- Donation
  • Penner Patient Care- Donation
  • East Butler FFA Chapter- Service
  • Hampton FFA Chapter- Service
  • Boone Central FFA Chapter- Service
  • Brad Andreasen- Roof Repairs & Service
  • Quality Contact Solutions- Donation
  • Preferred Popcorn- Donation
  • Fross Family Reunion- Donation
  • Todd & Julia Reed- Donation
  • Chad & Nan Kment-Donation
  • NPPD-Donation
  • Central Nebraska Association of County Officers- Donation
  • CF Industries- Donation
  • Nebraska State Education Association-Donation
  • CHI Health- Donation
  • Aurora News Register- Photography
  • Aurora Vet Clinic- Donation
  • T & M Inc- Donation
  • Cecil Smalley- Photography
  • Cornerstone Bank- Donation
  • Emily Jasnowski- Donation

D4LC Contributors
D4LC is The Leadership Center’s very own leadership conference and stands for Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities.

  • Tom Boyd- Get Active Fishing, bait and tackle
  • Laurie Anderson- Get Active Water Aerobics
  • Aurora Optimists- Get Active Soccer Goals
  • John Boeder- Connect Etiquette Dinner
  • Shane Hennessy- Betterment Speaker
  • Kurt Wissenburg- Serve Panel
  • Whitney Lehn- Serve Panel
  • Debi Doer- Serve Panel
  • Amber Endres- Serve Panel
  • Richard Eisenhauer- Serve Panel
  • Chad Kment- Serve Panel
  • Dawn Caldwell, Aurora Coop- Notebooks and Pens
  • Doris Aspegren- Set Decor
  • The Boeders- Set Decor

For more on D4LC, visit this blog post or call Maile at 402.694.3934.

Thank you to our generous Go Big Give donors:

  • Casey Carpenter
  • Melissa Boniface in memory of Janna Moore-Morin
  • Amanda Hackenkamp
  • Cross County FFA Chapter
  • Steph Mann in memory of Hali Strom
  • Nancy Buettner
  • Brandon Cook
  • Sarah Whiting
  • Dave Johnson
  • Fillmore Central FFA Chapter
  • Brent Nollette
  • Quenton & Tonya Mortenson
  • Tonya Mortenson in memory of John Lane
  • Samantha Jensen
  • Creighton FFA Chapter
  • Burwell FFA Chapter
  • Gene Wissenburg
  • Centennial FFA Chapter
  • Vicky Armstrong
  • Dan & Mary Molliconi
  • Jayne Mann
  • Richard Eisenhauer
  • Greg & Jody Ashby
  • Bloomfield FFA Chapter
  • Jon Lechtenberg in memory of Lawrence Lechtenberg
  • Arne & Ruth Anderson
  • Micheala Olsen
  • Hartington Newcastle FFA Chapter
  • Devin Johansen
  • Lonnie Koepke
  • John & Debbie McDermott
  • Joel & Stephanie Miller
  • Rick Braasch
  • Jim Morris
  • Jessica Brock
  • John Nelson
  • Kristen Witte
  • Ken Malone
  • David Rocker
  • Randy Vlasin
  • Shane Hennessy in memory of Lynn Dowdy Sr.
  • Aurora Insurance Agency
  • Dan Hain
  • Fullerton FFA Chapter
  • Shane Hennessy
  • The Boeder Family

Our total 2016 GO BIG GIVE DONATIONS WAS $5,522.33!! Thank you so much!!

Go Big Give 2016 will be May 3, 2017. Mark your calendars! Thank you again for all your support. For more on Go Big Give and the impact of your gift, please check out the following blogs: herehere and here.

The 2nd Annual Evening Stroll was a beautiful success. Thank you to everyone who contributed to the success of such a great and fun evening. We raised over $6,500.00 towards the refurbishments of our lodge rooms and facilities. Thank you.

Silver Event Sponsors:

  • Ott Concrete & Construction
  • Hamilton Telecommunications

Stargazer Table Sponsors:

  • Cornerstone Bank
  • Aurora Cooperative

Twilight Table Sponsor:

  • The Leadership Center


  • Dr. Allen
  • Aurora Insurance Agency
  • Grandview Cafe
  • Doug & Margaret Gibson
  • Leslie Nylander
  • Dr. Doug and Jane Anne Smith

Special Contributions

  • Sysco
  • Thompson Food Company
  • Jamie Bergmark- Auctioneer
  • Aurora News Register
  • Material Movers
  • Syngenta
  • The Lucky Lady Tasting Room
  • John & Maile Boeder

Auction Donors

  • Creations Unlimited
  • Nebraska Athletic Department
  • Jane Nuss
  • Barbara Pinkelman
  • Wellness One
  • Larry the Cable Guy
  • Dane & Sara Sutherland with Aurora Fitness Center
  • T.O. Hass
  • Subway of Aurora
  • Aurora Screen Printing
  • Pinnacle Bank of Aurora
  • Duane Katt
  • Rose Chiropractic
  • Randy Vlasin
  • Kansas City Royals
  • Richard Eisenhauer
  • Bloomfield FFA
  • Plainview FFA & Chad Kment
  • Walter & Darlene Boeder
  • Memorial Community Health

To see pictures from our event, click here. Also to see more on this event and how the funds will be used, please visit these blogs here and here.

Make plans to join us for the 3rd Annual Evening Stroll on July 8, 2017!

The Second Annual Harvest Gala was an incredible success, raising nearly $10,000.00 toward renovations of lodge rooms and facility updates. Those who attended enjoyed delicious food, a variety of wines and beers, auctions and dancing. We have so many to thank for making this evening the success it was. We’d like to thank the following:

Gold Event Sponsor:

Table Sponsors:
Golden Harvest Table Sponsors:

  • Aurora Cooperative

Bronzed Bounty Table Sponsors:

  • Pacific Ethanol
  • NVAF Board of Directors
  • Nathan & Kara Rannau
  • Shane Hennessy & Keely Stromer
  • The Boeders

Dessert Wine Donor:

Dessert Auction Donors:

Live & Silent Auction Donations:

  • Aurora Insurance Agency
  • Dane & Sara Sutherland
  • The Edgerton Explorit Center
  • Pacific Ethanol & JB Voss
  • Bloomfield/ Wausa FFA ChapterRichard Eisenhauer
  • Plainview FFA Chapter
  • Jasper Crafts
  • Walter & Darlene Boeder
  • Cornerstone Bank
  • The Leadership Center

Kelly Kliewer

Megan Vetter

Rick Johnson


  • Rick & Kay Braasch
  • Bill & Jan Whitney
  • Cal & Sara Strong
  • Gerry & Julie Picek
  • Gene & Rose Mary Wissenburg
  • Joel & Steph Miller
  • Bill & Jennifer Hunter
  • Gene & Rhonda Ulmer
  • Curran & Megan Vetter
  • John & Debbie McDermott
  • Marlin Seeman
  • Allen Sedivy
  • John & Maile Boeder

Volunteer Servers:

  • Jana Gibson- Coordinator
  • Rebecca Saddler
  • Taylor Brandl
  • Caleb Badura
  • Cheyanne Diessner
  • Blaike Sunneberg
  • Adyson Narber
  • Grant Moody
  • Austin Allen
  • Megan DeVries
  • Lillian Epp
  • Allison Saddler
  • Gillian Arends

Wine & Beer Pourers:

  • Kurt Wissenburg
  • Sarah Whiting
  • Tom Hofmann
  • Shane Hennesy
  • Keely Stromer
  • Jane Nuss
  • Devin Johansen
  • Micheala Olsen

Lucky Lady Tasting Room

The Aurora News Register

Special Contributions:

  • Friesen Ford
  • Chad Mertz
  • Prairie Plains Research Institute
  • Mike & Karen Lindquist
  • Walter & Darlene Boeder
  • AAA Rents
  • Elite Rentals
  • Jasper Crafts
  • Grace McDonald
  • Sysco
  • Thompson Food Company

The people behind, in front of and in between the scenes:
The Leadership Center staff and the Nebraska Vocational Agricultural Foundation Board of Directors

Thank you again to all who helped make this evening the huge success it was. We cannot thank you enough for your investment in all we do here at The Leadership Center. Thank you!

2016 was a great year for The Leadership Center. Collectively between events and donations, we raised nearly $210,000.00 towards major updates to our facilities such as carpet, lighting, and lodge room updates. Thank you to all those who donated towards the work we do at The Leadership Center and the guests we serve. Thank you.