The Leadership Center’s staff is known for being professional, courteous, and helpful for all of our guests. Hear what clients have to say!

“Every single staff member was superb!”

“Your Strengths: Very Good Staff!!!”

“I have been the main contact person with The Leadership Center, and appreciate the helpfulness of the staff! I worked with Maile and staff and they were very easy to work with. When we asked for tables or ice the staff was very quick to help us out and were very cooperative”

“This was a great experience due to the staff who were so pleasant and helpful.”

“Very friendly!”

“This has been a very successful week partially due to the total facilities and staff.”

“This is a wonderful facility – always comfortable here. Staff is friendly and willing to work with whatever our request was. Felt welcomed when I first arrived.”

“Food service people are very professional and helpful.”

“One of the kindest and hardest working staffs I have ever worked with. Their attention to detail, their care for the client and their execution can’t be matched by many.”


Maile Ilac Boeder, I.O.M., Executive Director

2211 Q St (E Hwy 34)
Aurora, NE 68818-5501
Phone: 402.694.3934
Cell: 320.420.6424
Fax: 402.694.6116

Micheala Olsen, Event Coordinator & Intern Manager

Dario Diaz, Facilities Manager


Kurt Wissenburg, Conference & Curriculum Manager 


John Boeder, Kitchen Manager 




Conference Staff:

Jane Nuss


Chef John Anderson, Barb Olson, Roxann Bredthauer, Jade Burson, Vonnie Whiting, Carrie Crosby, McKenzie Young,  Jeremiah Nunnenkamp, Ashley Gonzales, Ali Atkins, Kyanna SaenzPardo


Cameron Nelson, Sarah Havlik, Carrie Crosby, Halle Nachtigal, Jayson Havens, Jacob Penner


Elizabeth Lowe, Abby Williams, Shea Miotke (AHS Student Intern)


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