Order forms can be found online and at the front desk of The Leadership Center.

Meals Out The Door is our program that prepares delicious and healthy meals for people and families on the go. Our goal is to make meal time easy so you and your family can enjoy your time together. We’ll prep, cook and package your meals in either oven/freezer safe containers or microwavable/freezer safe containers for you. You pick them and enjoy.

Here is how it works:

  1. Download the current order form Meals Out The Door Order Form or stop in and get one.
  2. Complete the form by:
    1. Order a minimum of 2 days and up to 6 days of menus on the form below.
    2. Circle the number of people eating each day. If you’d like to have certian meals prepared for the whole family and a few prepared for less people, note the #of people by the day so we know that it is different from the # circled.
    3. Choose 1 protein and 2 sides from the lists provided OR chose 1 One Pot Meal (O.P.M) selection for each day.  If offered, please select marinade, seasoning or dressing.
    4. Choose either green lettuce salad OR a sweet dessert.
    5. Please circle (F) for family style packaging or (I) for individual packaging.
    6. If you have a dietary need such as gluten or lactose intolerant, etc., please fill that out in the dietary concerns section so that we can accommodate your needs.
    7. Return order form to The Leadership Center or call order to 402-694-3934. You can also text completed order form to 320-420-6424.
  3. Pick your meals up. We suggest having a large cooler to put your meals in though we can box them up if you’d like. All meals will be labled and include preparation instructions. We suggest taking your meals home and either refrigerating them or freezing them immediately.
  4. Honey Mustard Pork Tenderloin, Wild Rice, and Peas on a plate in the home of one of our clients.

    Enjoy your meals and your time with your family.

  5. Order again.

If you have any questions about the meals, ordering, etc.,, just ask. We are so happy to help.

  • Meal Minumums: 2 people and 2 days worth of meals

  • Meal Maximums: 10 people and 6 days worth of meals. For numbers above 10, ask to see our catering menus.
  • Ordering Form:  We will change up menu offerings as in order to ensure you and your family have variety. If there is a meal you’d like to see on the menu, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.
  • Containers: Family style containers are recyclable. Individual containers can be reused. You can return clean containers to The Leadership Center. They will be sanitized and reused.
  • An order for a family containing both individual and family style packaging.

    Catering: We do onsite/offsite and pick-up & serve catering should you need any of these services.  Services vary from appetizers, baked goods (yes we can do your holiday goodies baking) to complete meal service and event planning and coordination. To inquire, please call our office at 402-694-3934 and ask to talk with Micheala or Maile. Our kitchen is a licensed kitchen for both food production and catering.

So there you have it. It’s pretty simple. You order. Our team prepares, cooks and packs it. You pick up and each night after a little warming in the oven, you and your family get your nights back over a delicious meal. Leave the shopping, chopping, cooking and pots & pan clean up to us. We are looking foward to serving you.

P.S. Truly, we are so excited about this program. Our goal at The Leadership Center is to create moments that matter. What’s more important than the time you have with your family? Nothing. Thank you in advance for allowing us to serve you in your home.


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Thank you, Shelby, for sharing this amazing testimony about our Meals Out The Door program. Her words, our food, “Just picked up my order of Meals Out the Door from The Leadership Center. 18 individually packed meals including brisket, bbq ribs, italian chicken, fried chicken, lasagna, quinoa hash browns, mashed potatoes, roasted red potatoes, cheesy potatoes (OK, my family likes taters!), green beans, carrots, mixed veggies, wild rice, and pie. Perfect for lunches or those evenings we all have when everybody in the family has a crazy schedule. All this for $150 ($8.33/meal for my friends that hate math)! Healthy, hearty, real food – not overly processed, who knows what’s in it, that tastes like the cardboard box you bring it home from the store in. We order the individual meal packaging, they also do family style if you prefer. Highly recommended!! They have recently expanded the offerings, adding more protein choices and soups.” For more info or to order, click on the link in the bio, visit www.TLCAurora.org or call 402-694-3934. We promise it’s easy, delicious, and won’t break the bank. We look forward to cooking for you.

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