We started a podcast. As a part of our 2018 goals, Dario, our Facilities Manager, pitched this idea to us as a way to share what we do, trade secrets on event planning, tips on being a great guest as well as the humorous insights and weird ponderings of our Core Management team. We will release episodes once a week. We invite you to join us on this journey.

We encourage you to subscribe. We are on Itunes, SoundCloud, Sticher and a few other. Feel free to rate, review and share too.

Thanks you again and don’t hesitate to send us topics you’d like covered.

Have the best day!

Dario, Kurt, Maile & Micheala



Producer: Dario Diaz
Co-Producer: Micheala Olsen
Account Manager: Maile Ilac Boeder
Core Team Panel: 
Maile Ilac Boeder (executive director)
Micheala Olsen (event coordinator & intern manager)
Dario Diaz (facilities manager)
Kurt Wissenburg (curriculum manager & emcee)
and sometimes John Boeder (kitchen manager) as well as Chef John Anderson



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