Future Leaders Extended Experience Training (FLEET) is our advanced leadership program tailored to students seeking progression in interviewing skills and capstone award recognition.  Initially, it was designed for youth and young adults who are pursuing awards and honors which require interviews and/or extended oral evaluations.  Scholarship applicants, pageant contestants, and organization officer candidates are ideal students for a program like FLEET.

Though the FLEET program was inspired by students’ desires to succeed in scholarships and leadership programs, it is beneficial for all students.  We tend to focus on youth, but FLEET training is customizable to the needs of professionals and job-seekers of any age.

To set up a FLEET consultation or to enroll in a FLEET class, call or email Kurt Wissenburg at The Leadership Center.  (402)694-3934  curriculum@tlcaurora.org

“I would definitely recommend FLEET to others because it was beneficial to practice on interviewing skills, and it was a great opportunity to build connections with staff at The Leadership Center. I now know amazing individuals who will always be there for me, whether it’s direct help, or setting up dates and times to meet up with people, the staff at The Leadership Center are truly amazing.”  -Tanner Nun, FLEET Graduate

“The 4-square exercise allowed me to evaluate myself and discover strengths and weaknesses which I never knew I had. This exercise was the one that helped me the most in my State FFA Officer Interviews. Highly recommend to keep on using this exercise!” -Tayte Jussel, FLEET Graduate

“I would definitely recommend this experience to other people! I loved this interview because I was able to get practice in with people that didn’t know everything about me. Growing up in a small town there are a lot of people that want to volunteer and help (which is fantastic), but when they are doing mock interviews it is difficult to get into my professional mode in order to get an effective interview.” -Alexis Schmidt, FLEET Graduate


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