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Banisters Leadership Academy Partnership

We are so excited to be partnering with the Banisters Academy. Their mission of strengthening youth and families through leadership and ours, through our D4LC programs, to give people the tools to thrive in their communities, while fulfilling The Leadership Center’s goal of creating moments that matter, is a win-win-win. While we are not providing the programming or staffing, we are so excited to have them meeting here on our property and for us to be cooking meals for the program. It is wonderful!

Banisters programs give attendees many opportunities. They are empowered with the 12 Pillars of Leadership:

  1. Respect
  2. Responsibility
  3. Trustworthiness
  4. Citizenship
  5. Caring
  6. Fairness
  7. Honesty
  8. Integrity
  9. Perseverance
  10. Courage
  11. Unity
  12. Creativity

Banisters Academy will begin with with their Night L.I.F.E. program. Night L.I.F.E. will be back in August 2022!

For more on the Banister’s Academy Programs being offered through this partnership, please click here.

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2211 Q Street
Aurora, Nebraska 68818

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