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How it all began...

One of our beloved clients, the Autumn Art Workshop, was set to host their annual workshop with us in 2020, but was unable to because of Covid-19. For many reasons, the group saw this as a natural time to disband too. While saddened to see them make this decision, we fully understood. This group of volunteers worked so hard to build this workshop into the renowned event it had become over its 53 three-year history attracting nationally known artists as instructors and incredibly accomplished artists as students. It only seemed fitting that, The Leadership Center, in its 53rd year of service, would step in to pick up the torch where they left it.

While we are not the Autumn Art Workshop and we won’t become them, we have developed great relationships with the many instructors and artists that have attended this wonderful event in the three years it was on our property. We just felt we could do it justice by continuing to offer those who attend nationally known instructors, a warm and welcoming atmosphere, abundantly delicious food and of course, a team that is delighted to have you all as guests.

We have now hosted three successful T.L.C. Fall Art Workshops at The Leadership Center since taking over the helm. It's been amazing the outpouring of support and interest in our workshop. We are so excited to host our 4th Annual TLC Fall Art Workshop in September 2024!


The T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop
September 20-25, 2024

Hosted at The Leadership Center in Aurora, Nebraska

3-Day Instructed Class Tuition (20-23): $495.00**     5-Day Instructed Class Tuition: $695.00**
3-Day Independent Study Tuition: $345.00    5-Day Independent Study Tuition: $545.00

**If you are a high school or college student and you would like to attend, we are offering a $50.00 student discount at check out when you register. Use code StdtDsct at checkout to receive discount.


2024 Artist Instructors:

Anne Hebebrand- Reinvigorating your Artistic Practice (Acrylic or Oil)
Heidi Larsen- The Joy of Mixed Media & Collage
Nancy Perucca- Skies & Beyond Watercolor Workshop


Click on any of the artist names to see bios, workshop descriptions, supply lists, etc. 
**We are working on adding one more class for artists who would like to learn how to market their art and utilize social media.



What you can expect from The T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop:

  • Classes offered numerous disciplines taught by national known instructors.
  • Each class will be limited to 15 attendees. The small class sizes will allow for quality instruction and classroom rapport.
  • Classes will be filled first come, first serve with a waiting list if necessary. Confirmation and a supply list will be emailed to you. You can also find the bio, class itinerary, and supply list of each class by clicking on the Artist Instructor above.
  • We are offiering a 5-day class and two 3-day class options beginning on Saturday.
  • Those on the waiting list will be notified if an opening occurs and will have 24 hours to accept invitation and pay registration.
  • Should you register and need to drop your class, your tuition minus a $100.00 fee can be refunded up to 30 days (8/20/24) the event. You must contact the event organizer at OR 402-694-3934. Refunds will be issued back via the form of payment you paid with. If you cancel after 8/20/2024, your tuition is not refundable.
  • Your tuition package will include tuition, table fee, meals and amenities.
  • If you have any special dietary needs, please click on the button below for the dietary needs form and return them to The Leadership Center at
  • Like last year, you have a choice to book your lodging at registration or to do it over the phone. Those wishing to do it seperate from registration can book lodging by calling 402-694-3934. We will be offering single, double (2 to a room) and dorms^*. Lodging can be canceled by 3 p.m., 3 days (72 hours) before the 2023 T.L.C. Fall Workshop begins without being charged for it. Cancelations after that, will be charged the full amount.
  • All artists are asked to bring and use table and floor coverings in their work areas. Thank you.
  • We will be offering experiences during this year's Workshop that are covered in your tuition including:
    • An Artist-Instructor Q & A.
    • A patio concert on Saturday night.
    • Daily work display and studio walk about
    • **NEW THIS YEAR*** We own Espressions: Coffee & Community in Aurora. We showcase artists through our "Art on the Wall" series. This year, we are allowing all T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop Participants to submit a piece to be hung during workshop for the public to enjoy! Your art piece can be installed Friday after 1 p.m. and picked up at the conclusion of Art Workshop. All pieces will be for sale with the shop keeping a %. Please note, our shop is open for The Aurora Art Walk and last year we had over 500 people come through our shop during the walk. If your piece sells, your check will be available at the conclusion of Workshop! Information to participate is available in the registration packet.
  • Madison Berthelsen of Revitialize will be onsite to offer chair massages during dinner and supper during the T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop again this year. Attendees can also book full body massages in the evenings. Massages are not covered in your tuition fees.

Attention Past T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop Attendees: if you refer a friend (who has never attended the T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop*) to attend and they do, please encourage them to list your name on their registration. There is a question where they can fill in a name of someone who shared the workshop with them. All names given will be entered into a drawing for a free 2-hour massage (value of $150.00) during the 2024 Workshop! The new attendee will receive a free 15-minute chair massage (Value of $20) during the 2024 Workshop. Massages will be with Madi from Revitalize. We will draw the winners (1 2-hour massage and 1 15-minute chair massage) at lunch on Saturday! If you refer more than one person, the greater the chances to win. 

*For those who haven't attended the Art Workshop since we took over, you are considered a new attendee, so you can be referred or do the referring! That means you can be entered for both! Names must be entered at REGISTRATION to be included in the drawing. You just have to be in attendance at the T.L.C. Fall Art Workshop to win.



2026 T.L.C. FALL ART WORKSHOP DATES: September 18-23, 2026


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