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Sail spring launch is here!



Applications due January 13th

Advisor Reference Letters due January 18th

(reference letters should be emailed to setsail@tlcaurora.org)

(Finalist notification and interview dates TBA)

(All questions will be submitted in the online form in a single sitting. We recommend first answering these on a separate document!)


In life, we will take part in many journeys: some big, some small, some hard, some easy, some challenge us, and most form us. Some journeys are designed to be taken alone; you are the captain, the skipper, the navigator, the engineer, and everything in between. Some journeys, though, are not meant to be that way.  

One of these is the search for a fulfilling career.  

The Leadership Center is seeking students who are not afraid to take a new route, not afraid to try a new destination, and who will commit to the journey. It’s okay if you’ve never captained anything like this before, that’s why we are here!  

If accepted to set “Sail” with The Leadership Center, students will remain the captain of their journey, but we will join their crew. Sometimes, the student needs an engineer to help solve problems, a skipper to double check their safety, or help reading the map: where should they go next? More importantly, where could they go next?! 

What will I get?  

Sailors selected will receive intentional, goal driven mentorship by one of our crew directors (Abby or Ashley) under the supervision of Maile (TLC Executive Director and former Ag Educator), Kurt (Curriculum Director and Current Ag Teacher), and John (Executive Chef and licensed Ag Educator). Based on potential routes, applicants will be awarded mentorship hours ranging from 2.5-4 hours/month. Depending on your needs, we will steer you to the right job shadow, teach you how to cold call and price goods for your business, peer-review your research project, assist in grant writing, hold you accountable in record-keeping and so much more. 

So who are the new crew members up for grab?  

Ashley is a teacher-in-training studying Agricultural Education at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. She is a natural mentor, natural resource enthusiast, horse whisperer, and could probably connect you with anyone in the world. 

Abby is currently a student at UNL as well studying Animal Science. She has had experience managing a large service-learning project, starting a business, and is a true nerd at heart (she actually enjoyed taking Organic Chemistry last spring.)  

But the crew will grow by more than two!  

We aren’t experts in everything, but we are confident in our ability to steer you to the right expert you may need. Plus, we have a whole crew right here at The Leadership Center with diverse career experience. 

Who are they seeking?  

For this year’s pilot program, we are seeking current freshman, sophomores, or juniors who are simply committed to exploring a career whether that is starting a business, finding an internship, completing job shadows, or setting up a research project. Having an idea of where to start is a plus, but absolutely not a requirement.  

For this year, preference will be given to students less than 65 miles from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln or The Leadership Center as we intend to conduct in person meetings.  

What does it cost?

$25 deposit to apply, $150 due upon acceptance

So $175 total? Yep, that’s it.

We are committed to this program and don’t want finances to be an obstacle. This pilot program is designed as a low risk-high reward opportunity (really, it’s priceless). Because of the program’s abbreviated price, we are requiring an application fee as an extra step to ensure our captains for the year truly are committed.

Have more questions?

contact setsail@tlcaurora.org 

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