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Join Me in Creating MORE Moments that Matter

Go Big GIVE is next week. May 2 to be exact. I am so excited this year because as a part of the Go Big Give campaign, we are able to make cheer pages for our favorite organizations to encourage our friends and family to consider giving to our cause. What makes it even better is that pre-give started today. Why all the excitment? Well you can read this quick little blog or just click here and check out why I am encouraging you to give to The Leadership Center during Go Big Give. You can also set up your gift while you there to make things supper easy! 

Yes, I work for The Leadership Center, but let me tell you why I am donating to this wonderful place. While The Leadership Center has been here for nearly 51 years serving clients from all over the world, I am donating because of how this place changes lives and creates moments that matter for people. 

I will never forget the first time I met Johnny from the Nebraska Commission for the Blind at their Winnerfest Conference. He was such a charmer and so sweet. He learned how to iron clothes and perform CPR. He left empowered. I had the opportunity to meet a young man named Dewan from Detroit who was here with Boys Hope Girls Hope. He was here for a weeklong retreat before leaving for college. He would be the first in his family to both graduate from high school and attend college. He left with opportunity. Then there are the large number of FFA members who come here for their numerous competitions and camps. To be able to encourage them in their times of nervousness is an honor. Of course, there are all the families, weddings, schools and organizations who come through here, and while it might be hard to believe, we find time to connect with all of them. I haven’t even talked about our D4LC (Disciplines 4 Leadership Communities) Programs our staff creates and facilitates for youth and the young at heart. It’s community-based leadership programs that ask the questions: Who are you? What are you passionate about? How can you lead from where you are? Where do you start? We sponsor the Summer Lunch Program Monday through Friday during the weeks that school is out, where we feed youth 1-18 nutritious and delicious meals for free while providing them enrichment programs. We have interns and hire students, retirees and veterans…and so much more. Donating a dollar to The Leadership Center provides an opportunity to change a life, empower people, give true connections and feed them, too. 

I hope you’ll consider joining me in giving big during Go Big Give on May 2. The Leadership Center’s Go Big Give Goal this year is $64,000. My personal campaign goal is to help raise at least $4,000 to qualify us for our matching funds. My family has committed matching funds of $4,000.00. Once we hit $4,000, my family will kick in another $4,000 taking the total up to $8,000! Will you consider helping us reach this goal by giving? Every dollar makes a difference and I promise it will be used to create moments that matter. For more info, check out www.GoBigGive.org. Thank you. 




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