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We Cater!

Did you know we cater?

Last summer, we had the opportunity to have our kitchen inspected and licensed by the State of Nebraska. This opportunity afforded us the option to get a catering license a well. We’ve kept the news kind of quiet because it’s a work in progress. However, the word is slowly getting out there so I wanted to take a chance to address some questions. 

What kind of food can you cater?

If we serve it here at The Leadership Center, chances are we can cater it to your facility. We have done lunches as small as 10 to banquets as large as 200. If there is something specific you’d like to have served, just let us know and our Chef will assess the possibility! 

Where do you cater to?

To your table. To your office. To your event space. Right now, we’re focused on Hamilton County and anything within a 50 miles of Aurora. 

Can you staff an event to serve food or is it self-serve/drop-off? We can do either. Larger events we provide staff. For small groups, we can do either. 

How are things charged?

We charge you for the meal which includes dishes (plastic unless china is rented), silverware and napkins plus delivery/pick-up (in town). Outside of Aurora, there is a mileage fee. Depending on staffing needs, there may be another charge assessed. 

What about dietary needs?

If we know about them in advance, we’ll be happy to accommodate them if we are able. 

What is we just want cookies or rolls or scones?

Absolutely. Just call and order your pastries. We can have them ready for pick-up or we can deliver. 

Does this mean you can cook dessert for the holidays?

Sure. They will have to be ordered in advance and we will have them ready for pick-up. 

Could you cater holiday parties?

We can or you can host them at The Leadership Center. Just call us with your inquiry. 

How about office meals or meetings?

Absolutely. We’d prefer at least 24 hours notice just to ensure supplies and staffing. 

What can we expect from The Leadership Center and their catering?

The same great service you get at The Leadership Center in the comfort of your office, event venue or home. 

The best way to know if we are the right caterers for you, is to give us a call at 402-694-3934. We look forward to talking with you! 


Maile Ilac Boeder, 

IOMExecutive Director 


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2211 Q Street
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