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Trying New Things

I like new stuff. I don’t mean new things, necessarily; what I enjoy is new places, new people, and new experiences. 

I had several new experiences last month; many of which occurred on a two-day trip to western Nebraska. Maile (our executive director) and I set out to present some leadership workshops to three groups of students in several communities.  We began by presenting to high school students in Ogallala about dealing with failure.  From there, we drove highway 30 to Chappell. 

Thirty-Five Creek Valley junior high students took part in a workshop which made them think about their future careers.  Here, I got to experience seeing one of my former students in her own classroom (Thanks, Halie!). 

From Chappell, we proceeded west to the US 385 junction, where we turned northbound for Chadron.  Our stop was a new teacher workshop at Chadron State College.  Our lesson was on how to develop your personal leadership philosophy in the secondary classroom and school district. 



I had several ‘firsts’ on this trip.  I had never eaten at ‘Taco Jan’s’ in Ogallala.  I had never presented our new workshop on ‘How to Handle Failure’.  I had never conducted a workshop for college students.  I had never introduced someone to Carhenge who was as excited as my boss. 

I think trying new things is good.  If there’s one thing we know about 


the human brain, is that it craves constant stimulation.  Try new food.  Go new places.  Explore new opportunities. 

At The Leadership Center, we are expanding opportunities for our guests.  We offer leadership programming services as a part of our D4LC Program (Disciplines For Leadership Communities).  Whether off-site or on our campus, we can develop customized training for youth and adults.  If your group has a need for team-building, strategic planning, or other leadership training, give us a call at 402-694-3934 and ask for me, Kurt. I will be happy to help. 


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