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We Might Be Your Space

We love our property. Especially in the fall. The colors, the leaves, all of it. It’s just beautiful. 

Have you visited us lately? 

There is a strong chance that when you read that last question, you rolled your eyes. Then thought, “How about Covid-19, Maile?” I can understand that. 

Let’s talk about the Covid-19 Consideration and how The Leadership Center might be able to serve you. 

The Leadership Center is located on 43.5 acres. That’s a lot of space. We have 60 lodge rooms and over 15,000 square feet of meeting space. We also have dorms with bunk style lodging, but we haven’t been using them too much given the situation. 

What is my point? We have the space to allow you to have some space. We also have a number of opportunities for you to be able to come and really enjoy that space. 


Here are a couple examples: 

Are you a pastor or an individual who has a demanding job? Do you need some time to relax, disconnect from the pressures and demands of the world? Could you use some peace and quiet to plan, brainstorm…breath? We might be your space. 

Rent a lodge room with the view of the pond. 

We will make sure your room has a coffee maker, fridge, and microwave. 

We’ll also make sure you have a work space, a comfy bed, and internet. 

While you’re here, you’ll have access to go out and enjoy our beautiful property. Maybe take a kayak out for a paddle or go for a run out on the walking path, through the trees, restored prairie grasses, and local park. Go for a swim, take a sauna, or do a hard work out in our gym. 

Sign up for meals or visit one of our great restaurants. 

You could even sign up for a culinary experience with our Kitchen Manager or for a mentoring session through our D4LC programming, to learn something new. 

The overall goal: to spend some time disconnected from the crazy of the world and reconnect with what really matters. 

Is your family going stir crazy because Covid-19 has limited travel for many? Do you just want some time away where you just spend time with your family building memories, while being safe? We might be your space. 

Rent a lodge room or two…we have 60, so that’s where we have to cut you off! You can even request a view of the pond. 

Tell us the meals you want to eat with us! We’ll cook and prepare them…and yes, do the dishes too! OR ask for local options too. We have lots of delicious opportunities. 

Reserve a gathering room with a fireplace. We’ll ensure there is some comfy furniture, space for games and/or a puzzle. 

Bring a favorite family movie with and ask us to set up a big screen & projector along with the popcorn maker to make it special experience. 

If the weather is nice, book a bonfire and s’mores! We can even set up with lunch or supper on the fire. 

Consider booking a culinary experience or three with our Kitchen Manager. You and your family can apron up and learn to cook together, all while making memories and enjoying the fruits of your labor at the end. 

Maybe book a gratitude session or family “teambuilding” session with through our D4LC programs. 

You’ll also have a pool and a sauna to enjoy. A gymnasium to play a game of Horse in. A pond (depending on the weather) to kayak, canoe, paddleboat &/or catch & release fishing on. 

If you’d like, we could potentially line up a mini-family photo shoot! 

The goal: time for you and your family to create moments that matter, in safe, but warm & welcoming place. 

Do you lead a small team or organization that is in need of some time to plan, recalibrate, and reconnect with your mission and each other while following all the current & suggested guidelines of safety? We might be your space. 

You can book individual lodge rooms for your attendees. Rooms have their own private bathrooms, small work space, and internet. 

Request social distancing measures be put into place when setting up your meeting room. 

Should some of your attendees need to Zoom in, we can set up accordingly. 

Meal times for your group can be exclusive to your group. They’ll be delicious too! 

Should we be bumped back a phase or two with DHMs, we can still serve you and your group safely! 

Should you need a facilitator, ask about our D4LC programs. 

Looking for a fun and unique experience, ask about our culinary experiences. 

During your stay, you’ll have access to the gym, the pool & sauna, and the fitness room. 

Should the weather be nice, we can set up a bonfire and s’mores or a patio party. 

Again, depending on the weather, there are kayaks, canoes, and paddle boats as well catch and release fishing! 

There are 43.5 acres of beautiful grounds for you and your group to enjoy. 

…and there is coffee, tea, and more! 

Pssst… liquor is allowed should you like to bring your own. We’ll make sure you have coolers of ice. 

The goal: get away from the hubbub of the office or the home office and enjoy some time together in a safe and socially distanced space! 

These are just a few of the opportunities we offer. 

Let us know how we might be able to serve you and you just might find out, we are your space! 

For more on all the things we offer, call Maile at 402-694-3934 or visit us at 

We look forward to having you as our guest! 




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Espressions: Coffee & Community
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